What time will Survivor season 43 episode 9 air on CBS? Revenge plan, release date and more details explored

Survivor season 43 episode 9 airs Wednesday (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)
Survivor season 43 episode 9 airs Wednesday (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)

CBS will air episode 9 of Survivor season 43 at 8 pm ET on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 on the network. The new episode will be much more intense compared to the previous ones, as there will be a double elimination, leaving the contestants in a frenzy.

The synopsis of episode 9 of the Survivor season 43, titled What about the Big Girls?, reads:

"In a shocking double tribal council, two castaways are blindsided; a revenge plan begins to brew around camp after several castaways are left out of the last tribal council vote."

The new episode will also see tribes working on revenge plans after several players were left out of the vote during the previous elimination.

Episode 9 of Survivor season 43 will have double elimination

Survivor's new episode promises viewers much more drama. The preview clip of the episode starts with host Jeff announcing that the final 10 players will now be divided into two groups for the upcoming challenges.

He then leaves the contestants in shock after announcing that there are two individual immunity necklaces to be won and that the two players will be eliminated from the show.

The red team might comprise of Mike Gabler, Ryan Medrano, Cassidy Clark, Jesse Lopez, and Cody Assenmacher. While the blue team might consist of Noelle Lambert, Karla Cruz Godoy, Owen Knight, Sami Layadi, and James Jones.

Jeff also informs that one person from each group will win immunity and will hold two Tribal Councils. The two castaways will also join the jury. The trailer then shows Owen trying his best to take down James, as the latter thinks of himself as the “Godfather” of the show. During the night, Owen tells Gabler and Sami:

“James lied to my face.”

Meanwhile, Sami is plotting to remove the top contenders from the show. Noelle is also planning to use her advantage to make a big move. Noelle tells Karla,

“I’m gonna use my steal-a-vote.”

Noelle later said on the confessional:

“I woke up this morning wanting to make a big move.”

Every player is planning their next move as it can set the path for the finale. Cody is even seen talking to Gabler and Ryan about who to vote out. Cody said:

“This vote is about setting up the final stages of this game.”

Jeanine Zheng was eliminated on episode 8 of Survivor

Jeanine Zheng, a 24-year-old California resident, was eliminated from Season 8 of Survivor. She, however, became the season's first jury member.

Jeanine not only got a chance to visit Ponderosa but also had a chance to vote for the winner of Survivor. The synopsis of episode 8, titled Proposterous, read:

"It is day 16 and castaways are getting to know their new tribe post-merge; hunger pangs are starting to take a toll and castaways must decide who will strike a deal with Jeff Probst to earn rice for their tribe.

The Seven team, especially James, wanted to vote out Owen but since the latter won the immunity challenge, Jeanine came under the radar.

Jeanine and the other members of her team tried to convince others to vote out Ryan, but failed. In the end, six people voted against Jeanine, resulting in her elimination.

Tune in to CBS on Wednesday to watch the double elimination of Survivor season 43.

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