What time will Teen Mom: The Next Chapter season 1 episode 11 air on MTV? Plot, release date and more 

Cheyenne worries about Zach
Cheyenne worries about Zach's jail time (Image via Instagram/@cheynotshy)

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is returning for another episode and not everything is okay.

The atmosphere of this week’s episode is tense as a lot has gone down. Cheyenne finds herself worried when she finds out that Zach needs to complete mandatory jail time, as the two are supposed to get married.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads as:

"Briana's boyfriend Bobby comes to visit while Leah talks to her daughters about ways to be proactive since Roe vs Wade was overturned; Maci tries to educate her kids about anti-racism; Cheyenne is frustrated when Zach learns he may go to jail."

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter returns on Tuesday, November 15, at 8 pm ET on MTV.

Teen moms educate their children in the upcoming episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

In the upcoming episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, the air seems thick as most moms have difficult but important conversations.

In a promo uploaded to social media, Maci talks to her children about racism. A group of people sit with the kids and tell them that it isn’t okay to judge people based on the color of their skin. When they tell them that it doesn’t matter what anyone looks like, the kids say:

"Never judge them by their skin color."
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Meanwhile, Leah is upset about Roe vs Wade being overturned and wants to talk to her daughters about how they can be proactive. In a conversation with her partner, Leah expressed her views on the same, saying:

"Why are we allowing politics to determine what we do with our bodies?"

In 2020, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star opened up about her decision to terminate a pregnancy back in 2012. However, since she wanted to keep it a secret, she told the producers and everyone else that she had a miscarriage.

In an interview with People in 2020, Leah revealed:

"I had very low self-esteem at that point in my life and I one hundred percent allowed others to control my decision-making. I truly, wholeheartedly felt like I convinced myself that that’s really what was happening."

The reality star disclosed that she knows what it feels like to have to make a difficult decision about her own body, and not be in control of that decision. With the overturning of the ruling, it is important for her to educate her daughters on how to be safe.

Cheyenne worries about her future with Zach

Cheyenne and Zach have been busy planning their wedding, however, a new development leaves the former uncertain and worried. In the promo, Zach tells her that his lawyers told him he has to serve mandatory jail time.

In the upcoming episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Cheyenne has a conversation about it with her friend Zaina. The reality star is frustrated because Zach’s possible conviction is something that could have been handled in the past. She tells Zaina that the case is from 2016, that it’s been six years now and Zach kept hoping it would “go away.”

Zaina can be heard saying:

"I mean it’s the wedding of your dreams that you’ve been planning. It’s been so much leading up to it. Nothing’s been going right."

Cheyenne tells her that there are days when she’s just mad at him, adding that she’s “f****** pissed.” She added that her parents feel like she has had the worst year and want to give her a wedding to “make it all better.”

on tomorrow night's NEW #teenmom, Chey is frustrated with how Zach's past is interfering with their future. 😞 see you tomorrow at 8pm on @MTV

The reality star further adds:

"Now I’m like, 'Is this going to be taken away because of past mistakes?' And I don’t know know how I’ll feel, I don’t know if it’s going to make me hate Zach."

The Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star added that she doesn’t hate him, but she gets so mad at him sometimes because they wouldn’t have been in this situation if he handled his “s***."

Zaina tells her that she can’t start a marriage with resentment and the reality star tells her that she plans on having a conversation with him about it. However, she adds that if things from his past continue to come up, there won’t be a marriage.

Tune in to MTV on Tuesday, November 15, at 8 pm ET to see what happens next on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

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