What time will The Bachelorette Season 19 episode 2 air on ABC? Release date, plot and more details explored

The Bachelorette Season 19 episode 2 airs on July 18 (Image via bacheloretteabc/Instagram)
The Bachelorette Season 19 episode 2 airs on July 18 (Image via bacheloretteabc/Instagram)

After celebrating the premiere episode of The Bachelorette Season 19, fans can watch episode two of the unscripted reality show at 8 PM ET on July 18 on ABC.

After meeting the suitors in the premiere episode, fan favorites and fierce women Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia will now challenge men to a swimsuit pageant and will have their first one-on-one date with them to find out if they have a real connection or not.

The official synopsis of episode 2 of The Bachelorette Season 19 reads:

“Following last week’s shocking canceled rose ceremony, Gabby and Rachel surprise the 29 men left at the mansion by daring them to compete in a swimsuit pageant in order to earn one of six spots at the group date after-party.”

What to expect in episode 2 of The Bachelorette Season 19

On Monday's episode, girls Rachel and Gabby will get a chance to have a heart-to-heart conversation with their prospective lovers. They will also come across a shocking truth about a few men on the show.

In the preview clip, Rachel talks about giving Jordon her taste of adventure and takes him for a zero-gravity experience. Jordon is scared of heights and is terrified of the idea of zero gravity, but being with Rachel helps calm his nerves. Even Gabby is excited about her date and opens up with her partner.

The synopsis of the show further reads:

“The next morning, Rachel takes off for her first one-on-one with a once-in-a-lifetime Zero-G Experience, followed by a surprise musical performance by Ashley Cooke and Brett Young. Then, after a helicopter ride above Los Angeles and a steamy hot tub session, Gabby begins to let her walls down during her own one-on-one."

The official description continues:

"Back at the mansion, when bold assumptions are revealed at the cocktail party, Rachel and Gabby continue to prove to the men that they are in control of their own journeys.”

On The Bachelorette Season 19, the 26-year-old hopeless romantic Rachel, who is a flight instructor from Clermont, Florida, is looking for a “nurturing, empathetic and respectful co-pilot who matches her sense of adventure and is as playful, passionate and spontaneous as she is.”

While 31-year-old ICU nurse Gabby from O'Fallon, Illinois, hopes to find “a quietly confident man with a big personality who will challenge her, communicate his feelings and work hard to equally carry the weight of the relationship, which includes loving her dog, Leonardo.”

After being hurt in The Bachelor season 26, Rachel and Gabby are giving love another chance on the show in the hope of finding their true love on The Bachelorette.

Recap of episode 1 of The Bachelorette Season 19

The season’s first episode started with the introduction of 32 men who will be vying for Rachel and Gabby’s love. Every suitor did their best to impress the leading ladies. From doing magic tricks to bringing chairs and saying cheesy one-liners, the men in the house did it all. The girls then interacted with the men to learn a bit more about them.

Gabby, however, could not find any romantic connections with twins Joey and Justin. Gabby then gave her First Impression roses to Mario, and Rachel picked Tino.

The ladies decided to cancel the first rose ceremony as they felt overwhelmed by many guys in the house. However, they bid farewell to the twins Joey and Justin, along with magician Roby, before telling the other 29 guys that they are still in the competition.

Stream the show on July 18 on ABC to see who impresses the girls the most during their one-on-one conversation on The Bachelorette Season 19.

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