What time will Unsellable Houses season 3 episode 2 air? Release date, plot and more about HGTV’s renovation series

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Davis from Unsellable House (Image via Instagram/lambandcompany)
Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Davis from Unsellable House (Image via Instagram/lambandcompany)

HGTV’s successful home-renovation show, Unsellable House, is back with its third installment, which premiered on April 12, 2022. After helping their cousin sell his outdated home in the first episode, the Davis sisters are set to arrive with episode 2 on Tuesday, April 19.

Unsellable House features twin sisters and real estate agents Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis, who are experts at flipping outdated places and dealing with agents when it comes to property. The two sisters will help their clients sell their ‘several times rejected’ houses to the buyers.

The official synopsis of the show reads:

"Real estate consultants and twin sisters Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb have a knack for helping desperate homeowners sell their lifeless homes. After visiting nearby comparables, the sisters make the necessary, impactful renovations that convert these unlovable houses into diamonds in the rough."

What to expect from Unsellable House episode 2?

The upcoming episode of Unsellable House will be a reunion of friends. Sisters Leslie and Lyndsay will meet their high school friends Charlotte and Gates. They need the help of their home-renovation friends to rework their house so they can easily sell it to their buyers.

The friends will confront the twin sisters about the market value of their house. The value has made the friends confident about selling their house to the buyers at a higher price. However, looking at the interior and look of the house, no buyer is ready to buy it.

The sisters will be seen working their magic in their friend’s house. They will turn every brick and introduce a catchy yet minimalist design to the outdated home. Apart from renovating their friend’s house, they will also take charge of their personal life. Amidst the rush, Lyndsay will be seen taking time out to go out with her special person.

Will they be successful in selling the house this time? To know that, viewers will have to watch the show.

The official summary of the upcoming episode reads:

"A couple of high school sweethearts turn to their friends Lyndsay and Leslie to help sell their old tri-level home in a neighborhood of new builds. While the twins update the home with a warm minimalist style, Lyndsay makes plans with her own sweetheart."

Sisters Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb together own their home-renovation company, Lamb and Company. Both sisters are real estate agents, with Leslie an expert in budget and negotiations, and Lyndsay an expert in home renovation, design, and staging.

Unsellable Houses is produced by High Noon Entertainment. Viewers will be able to watch episode 2 of the show on Tuesday, April 19, at 9 pm ET/PT on HGTV.

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