What time will Who Do You Believe? Episode 3 air? Reality show to explore truth behind family’s shotgun blast night

Celeste Johnson (Image via Oxygen True Crime)
Celeste Johnson (Image via Oxygen True Crime)
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After last week's thrilling episode, Who do you Believe? is back, this time with a murder case. Episode 3 of Who do you Believe? will air on ABC on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 10:00 PM ET.

Who do you Believe? is a one-of-a-kind investigative series launched by ABC that brings forward the different viewpoints, of the accused and the accuser, of the same true crime case, ranging from stalking to murders, to the audience. Viewers then act as armchair detectives and decide who they believe.

Which case will be featured on Who do you Believe? in Episode 3?

The next episode of Who do you Believe? will feature the accused criminals of the 1999 Steven Beard murder case. The episode will give the audience a viewpoint of the case by his accused murderer and ex-wife Celeste Beard Johnson, who now wants to reconnect with her twin daughters.

The 32-year-old Celeste met Steven Beard when she was a waitress at the Austin Country Club. Steven was a self-made millionaire who used to spoil Celeste and her twin daughters from her previous marriage with vacations and gifts.

A recently widowed 69 years old Steven was yearning for deep family love, so he adopted Celeste's twin daughters. He also added the girls to his will with his three children from previous marriages.

Celeste, however, fell into depression in 1999 and got herself admitted to St. David's Clinic for treatment, where she met Tracey Tarlton. She fell in love with Celeste, and the two got into a relationship. Tracey will also appear in the episode.

Tracey shot Steven in the stomach on October 2, 1999. Her prosecutors tried to convince the jury that Celeste had taken advantage of a mentally unstable woman, forcing her to kill a man. Tracey herself told the police that Celeste had said to her that Steven was emotionally abusing her and that she might have to commit suicide.

She said during the trial,

"She said that she had a plan and she wanted me to shoot him."

Celeste was free after the trial and married another man six months after the incident. Her twins could not see it and testified against their mother by recording her phone call, with one claiming to hire a hitman to kill Tracey.

Both women are now free and will represent their side of the story. The episode will also feature her daughter.

In the promo, Tracey can be heard saying,

"She's lying now, like they are lying about everything".

What happened on Who do you Believe? last week?

Last week's episode of Who do you Believe? showed the intense battle of Nichelle Nichols' conservatorship between her son, Kyle Johnson, and her manager, Gilbert Bill. Both men accused each other of using the actress' fame and money to live a comfortable life.

Her son provided evidence that her manager had used Nichol's credit card more than 400 times and even named himself the owner of her home. Gilbert Bell accused Kyle of not taking care of his mother and provided a video clip of him asking her mother to come home forcefully.

The court sided with Kyle, and Nichol still lives with him in New Mexico.

New episodes of Who do you Believe? airs every Tuesday at 10:00 PM ET on ABC.

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