What is try silent on Instagram? Group chat option resurfaces on social media platform

The "try/silent" feature is being discovered by plenty users; what is the feature all about? (Image via Instagram)
The "try/silent" feature is being discovered by plenty users; what is the feature all about? (Image via Instagram)

While Instagram has seen a ton of changes in the past year, a lot of new features have come and plenty of old ones have died down. From reels to layouts to the regular alterations of algorithms, netizens are now loving the already-on-the-gram feature “Try/Silent.”

This group chat option that resurfaced on the platform appears as a message that says “Try/Silent” when a user is trying to send a DM to someone. Leaving the internet confused, many Instagram users are perplexed as to what this feature is all about.

Why ig have this "try/silent🤫" thing on the dm msg? Are you trying to say i talk alot? 🥲

Try silent on Instagram: What is the feature all about?

The feature, which was introduced in 2021, is now popping back and trending in August 2022. Basically, this feature lets you send direct messages on the application without notifying the other person. This also works wonderfully for group chats. The reason why people are discovering it now is that the application has rebranded the “try @silent” feature for a lot of accounts.

With this feature, the messages will be sent as normal but the person to whom the message is being sent won’t receive a notification for the same. This new add-on, which was being tested earlier, is now available to a larger set of users.

#Instagram is testing the ability to send silent messages in DMYou’ll be able to send messages and the receiver won’t be notified

Created specifically for texts and DMs that are not urgent, the feature allows users to send messages silently so that notification doesn’t keep popping up. Earlier, the feature was launched for group messages, but is now available to some users for private chats as well. However, there is a possibility that a lot of users will not be able to access the try/silent feature, as it might not be available in some regions as of yet.

try @/silent no thanks

For those who wish to send a silent message, they can simply type in @silent, and start the message. By composing a usual text and sending it, the message will be sent silently to the recipient. Instagram users can send in texts, photos, videos and even emojis using try/silent. The only requirement would be to use “silent” first and then type in the message.

Instagram and its experimentation with new features

With reels being introduced, Instagram is now focusing more on becoming a video-sharing platform, rather than a picture-sharing one. However, there are several new features that the company is working on for its users.

Amongst these new features is also the “reply while you browse” feature, that lets users reply to new messages without going to the inbox. The feature focuses on making the chat option much more convenient for its active users. Another fun and convenient chat feature that the application brought forth was the “quickly send to friends” feature. This one is all about resharing content without going to the DM section. To do this, users just need to hold the share button and share it with multiple people in one go.

Wow, Instagram has added a new cool feature

The app now also allows users to check who’s online and available to chat at the moment. Hence, Instagram might be one of the most popular social media applications in today’s day and era, but the fact that the company keeps revising its features and bringing in new ones makes it user-friendly, well-liked, and accepted.

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