What will Don't Forget The Lyrics star Fletch do with $150,000 prize money? Fans laud the winner

Fletch from Don't Forget The Lyrics (Image via Fox)
Fletch from Don't Forget The Lyrics (Image via Fox)
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Don't Forget The Lyrics is back on Fox after 10 years. The all-new season hosted by Niecy Nash premiered on Monday night, and fans are already excited. The first contestant to be featured on the show was Fletch from Las Vegas. With a positive attitude, Fletch was playing not only for his family but also for his community.

The rules of Don't Forget The Lyrics are pretty much straightforward. Sing the correct missing lyrics, and you can win up to $1 million. Fletch started with $2,500 on the board and made it up to $150,000. He cruised through the first eight rounds without hesitation. From Grammy-winning songs to pop, country, one-hit wonders, and rock, Fletch aced all the lyrics.

When Nash asked him what he would do with the money, he shared,

"Honestly, I want to give something back to my community. I'm from Las Vegas, I love that city. So somehow, I'm putting something back into my community."

Fletch also shared that he is a father of four kids and that during Covid, he lost his job. So, this money would help him and his family as well. Though the Don't Forget The Lyrics contestant cruised through the first eight rounds with full confidence when he came into the ninth round, he found it challenging to complete the lyrics of I Can't Get No Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.

Even though Fletch used his backup words and the option to use his friend, who was his backup singer, he still couldn't succeed in completing the lyrics. With $150,000, he shared that it would be best to walk away with what he had.

Fans who watched the episode applauded the Don't Forget The Lyrics contestant, claiming that it was a good decision.

Fans laud Fletch for walking away with $150,000 on Don't Forget The Lyrics

On Twitter, fans congratulated Fletch on his win and lauded him for walking away with $150,000. Some also added that it was a good decision and that he did the right thing.

RT @RealityClubFOX: Congratulations to Fletch! He did the right thing. 🙌Thanks for watching #DontForgetTheLyrics with me. See you next week.
Congratulations, Fletch on winning $150,000! #DontForgetTheLyrics
He made a good choice to walk away because that was pretty tough. He’s amazing tho! #DontForgetTheLyrics
He made a good choice. What a awesome episode! #dontforgetthelyrics
That was fun!!! Good work Fletch!! #DontForgetTheLyrics
Good choice, Fletch, to leave with $150,000! #DontForgetTheLyrics
Good choice, Fletch, to leave with $150,000! #DontForgetTheLyrics
It's ok to walk away! A million is a lot of money, but $150k would do some great ish for me! So take it!!! #DontForgetTheLyrics

More Information about Don't Forget The Lyrics

The show first premiered in 2007 on Fox with Wayne Brady as the host. The show aired till 2009, after which it went on a break for a year. In 2010 the series returned with a new syndicated version. Sugar Ray lead singer Mark McGrath hosted it. In 2011, the series was yet again canceled due to low ratings.

Fast forward to 2021, Fox revealed that the series was being revived once again. Fans who heard the news were excited for the series to be returning. This time, if contestants get stuck with the lyrics, the show offers them two backup options.


Contestants can choose to reveal three words of/her choice from the lyrics. The second option is calling a friend on stage as a backup singer. The backup option can be used anytime throughout the first nine rounds. But, when it comes to the $1 million question, the contestant will not be allowed to use any backup.

If they make it to the final round, the contestant will be given a No.1 hit song, and if they ace it, they walk away with $1 million. While this might seem easy, it is not an easy feat to achieve.

Don't Forget The Lyrics airs every Monday at 8 PM ET only on Fox. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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