When will Survivor Season 42 Episode 2 air? Release date, plot, and more

Episode 2 of Survivor brings new challenges for the castaways (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)
Episode 2 of Survivor brings new challenges for the castaways (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)

The Survivor Season 42 premiere kicked off with the introduction of 18 new castaways who will compete to "outwit and outlast" and win the title of Sole Survivor on the beautiful islands of Fiji. These players touched down on the beach to begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Survivor’s challenges this season will be fast-paced, and many game twists from the previous season will continue to enthrall viewers and put the castaways in tough situations. In the first episode, two contestants were sent home: Jackson Fox, who was sent back due to his medical records; and Zach Wurtenberger, who was eliminated by other castaways.

Episode 2 of the show will have the rest of the contestants facing new challenges, finding advantages, engaging in gameplay and eliminating those who they think would be the weakest to survive.

Details on Survivor Season 42 Episode 2

The next episode of Survivor will air on Wednesday, March 16 at 8:00 pm ET on CBS. The second episode will also see the return of the Beware Advantage. This advantage gives the player a chance at Immunity Idol, provided that each player from the three other tribes will also be able to find the totem.

In a preview clip from last week, it was revealed that Tori will be the one to find a beware advantage, as she reads the phrase:

“Potatoes have skin, I have skin, am I a potato?”

The sneak peak of the episode opens with a brief look at the Orange Taku tribe. On the beach, Jonathan jokes that Maryanne looks like she’s in a scary movie as she swings the machete down on some bamboo stems. Marya felt that she was "on a 100" all the time, bustling with energy, which proved to be a problem for the other contestants.

Adding to Marya's comments, Lindsay said in a confessional:

"She's a really sweet girl and I do enjoy her. She's just very young... And she's excited about lots of things... But at the same time, it's exhausting after a while. Not everyone can be that 'on' the whole time... So I think it does start to kinda rub people the wrong way."

On the Ika tribe, the viewers see a confessional from Tori saying:

"“The game is shifting, I see the way forward now, and that’s to get Drea out.”

Drea has indeed become a threat, considering she has the Amulet Advantage, which she earned during the opening reward challenge with Hai and Lindsay. She also earned an extra vote from risking her vote successfully at the summit’s prisoner’s dilemma.

On the Vati tribe, Mike and Danielle tread through the jungle, with the latter getting frustrated. He later tells Chanelle to vote Mike out.

Viewers will have to tune in weekly to see the castaways play their games and showcase their skillsets to attain the title. With every week, the competition will get more intense. The contestants, divided into three tribes of six, will compete for food, rewards, and supplies through mental and physical challenges.

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