Where to buy Manchester United x Adidas 2022/23 home kit? Price, release date, and more explored

Manchester United x Adidas 2022/23 home kit (Image via @manchesterunited / Instagram)
Manchester United x Adidas 2022/23 home kit (Image via @manchesterunited / Instagram)

The football club, Manchester United, recently launched their 2022/23 home kit for the season in partnership with the German sportswear giant Adidas. The home kit is inspired by the 2015 launch of Manchester United x Adidas' debut polo collar design.

The new home kit features a stylish patterned polo collar, which was last seen in 2015. The 2022/23 home kit integrates comfort, performance, and the football club's heritage at the forefront of its design. Manchester United x Adidas 2022/23 home shirt was released on both Adidas' and Manchester United's e-commerce sites on July 8, 2022.

More about the newly launched polo-collared Manchester United x Adidas home kit jersey

Newly launched polo-collared Manchester United 2022/23 home kit jersey (Image via @manchesterunited / Instagram)
Newly launched polo-collared Manchester United 2022/23 home kit jersey (Image via @manchesterunited / Instagram)

The home shirt's patterned polo collar resembles some of the soccer club's most memorable retro kits throughout history. The jersey is also a subtle nod to all the former greats, whose unique playing styles on and off the pitch made their kit an icon of their own.

In an official press release made by two labels, Inigo Turner, Director at Adidas, said about the new home kit jersey,

“The polo collar is synonymous with Manchester United. Turned up or folded down, it has played a starring role in many of the club’s biggest moments."

Inigo further talks about the home kit 22/23 and how it bought the essence of retro in the present,

"With such a rich history, we wanted to pay homage to some of the club’s most legendary kits and players, whilst capturing the essence of home brought into the present day with a new perspective on the strong visual identity and patterns that run through the DNA of the club.”

The latest authentic home kit jersey 22/23 is constructed entirely out of Primegreen, which according to Adidas, is made purely from recycled materials. Alongside Primegreen's innovative engineering, the jersey further inculcates HEAT.RDY technology helps the players stay cool during performance play.

The HEAT.RDY technology helps to regulate the wearer's body temperature by wicking sweat away and maximizing airflow with ease.

The replica version of the home kit 22/23 features similar stunning, innovative design characteristics, which offer similar benefits to the authentic version. The replica inculcates Adidas' latest AEROREADY - KEEP DRY technology, which helps the wearer to remain cool by managing the body's sweat. Manchester United's website reads,

"Throughout the years, a number of United kits have featured polo collars, and many have cemented their status as cult classics. The collar is deeply rooted into the legacy of this great club, and so are many of the legendary players who have worn them too."

The site further reads about what a jersey can mean to the wearer and the fans,

"You see, jerseys are so much more than the sum of their parts. They’re moments in time and allow for memories to be made that are cherished forever."

The home kit is inspired by Manchester United's archives, with a white-collar featured over the jersey adorn with a geometric design. The collar references the symbolic "M" detail, which was last seen over the iconic 'Snowflake' jersey from the 1990-92 season.

The jersey adopts a subtle pinstripe pattern in a tonal bold red coloring. Adidas' branding is seen with the three-stripe detailing over and across the shoulders.

On the left side of the front chest, we see the iconic club crest, accompanied by the three-stripe label logo. The new home jersey is set to make their pitch debut on July 12, 2022, when Erik ten Hag's team will compete against Liverpool in Bangkok. The 2022/23 goalkeeper jersey will be launched in the United shop and CONFIRMED on Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

One can avail of the authentic home kit 22/23 jersey for a retail price of $121 and the replica version for $85, starting July 8, 2022, at both the label's official e-commerce sites.

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