Where is Love Island UK 2022 filmed? Location, property price, and more explored

Laura Whitmore to host Love Island airing on June 6 (Image via thewhitmore/Instagram)
Laura Whitmore to host Love Island airing on June 6 (Image via thewhitmore/Instagram)

The new season of Love Island is all set to welcome the single islanders on June 6, 2022, at 9 PM on ITV2.

The new episode will see 11 contestants, including a paramedic, a nanny, a hotel waitress, a senior microbiologist, and former England footballer Michael Owen's daughter, being guided throughout the show by host Laura Whitmore.

Filmed in a villa on the Spanish island of Majorca, Love Island UK 2022 will be seen in an all-new setting with new bedrooms and a pool, among others.

All about Love Island location

Love Island is filmed in Mallorca, but the settings won't look the same as in the previous series as the new season is filmed in a brand new villa worth £2.57M.

The fourth villa in the show's history is even bigger and better than the previous Majorca villa used from 2017 to 2021. The last season's villa is situated in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar on the East of the Island.

A few changes have been made to the new villa to make the islanders' ambiance more lively and interactive.

The six-bed rustic retreat in the new villa has been modeled to look like the ones from the previous seasons. Beds have been placed opposite one another since "there's so much more banter" while "going to bed at night."

Since this year, the bedroom has a "big space", a sofa and a lot more storage has been added for the islanders.

Other than the bedroom, the make-up room has been expanded. Last year, the eight girls had to share a circular table with four seats, but now they have "got six seats." Beauty products have also been custom-picked for each contestant based on their skin type.

The new villa has a 20m swimming pool with ample space around it, giving plenty of open areas for islanders to chat about.

The new location also has a new iconic firepit, with a colorful cactus and plenty of seating room where the contestants will gather for elimination.

The outdoor kitchen is between the fire pit and pool, which the lucky house guests can easily access.

All about Love Island shooting

Love Island is not a live show. Each episode of the show is filmed a day or two in advance. To capture all the moments of the islanders, about 70 cameras are used on the set. This includes cameras in the communal bedroom, pool, and kitchen area.

And to make sure that viewers do not miss out on any conversation between the contestants, the whole villa is rigged with hidden microphones. Contestants can also speak their minds to the camera in the beach hut.

Get ready to meet the new islanders in the brand new villa on Monday, June 6, as they play their best games to find partners for life. The show can be viewed on ITV2 or ITV Hub.

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