Where to watch Love Island?

Last Modified Dec 21, 2022 05:09 GMT

If you want to watch Love Island USA, you can watch the first three seasons on Hulu (via free trial or buy the subscription) or on CBS (website) just by signing in. Talking about the latest season (season 4), you can catch up on it through Peacock. If you are interested in watching Love Island (UK) then you can stream all 8 seasons on Hulu.

Love Island has been one of the most famous dating game shows ever to be made. The show is a dating reality show which originated in the United Kingdom in 2005 as Celebrity Love Island. Created by ITV Studios, the Love Island franchise has 22 versions produced so far worldwide.

The show revolves around a group of single contestants known as 'islanders' who are chosen to live together in an especially erected villa that's isolated from the outside world. During their stay, they will be monitored with cameras and will be given personal audio microphones. The simple rule of this reality dating show is that during their stay, they have to find their love and couple up in order to not get pushed out of the villa.

The audience who watch the show will be given the liberty to vote for their favorite islander to stay in the villa in the series and the islanders who do not receive enough votes are then eliminated from the show. Throughout the show as the old islanders are eliminated, new islanders are made to enter and by the end of the season, the audiences are made to vote one final time in order to choose the winning couple.

What is Love Island USA?


The Love Island franchise originally kickstarted in the United Kingdom. As of 2022, they have produced around 22 different versions of Love Island (country vise), and one of them is Love Island USA. Based on the British series, Love Island USA is also a dating reality show where Islanders (the single contestants) have to survive the show by finding their true love, coupling, gaining votes/points, and not getting "dumped". Just as in the British show, by the end of the season, the audience would vote and make a couple win the show.

Love Island USA began its first season on July 9, 2019. Due to its success, the show was then renewed for its second and third seasons. The first three seasons premiered on CBS and were hosted by Arielle Vandenberg. The latest seasons (4 and 5) were picked up by Peacock and now American actress Sarah Hyland began hosting the show.

There are four seasons of Love Island USA and a total number of 121 episodes.

Where to binge-watch the latest season of Love Island?


In case you are looking out for where to watch Love Island USA's latest season, then you can watch it on Peacock TV. Unfortunately, Peacock TV does not have a free trial option and hence you will have to subscribe to their plans (that start from $4.99/month) in order to access the show. The first three seasons of Love Island USA are available on CBS and Hulu.

Talking about the original Love Island, you can binge on all 8 seasons of the British dating show on Hulu. Hulu provides the user with access to a free trial period for a month. Then the users will have to subscribe to their monthly plan to access the service further. Their most popular monthly plan starts from $7.99/month.


Q. How many seasons are there in the original Love Island?

A. There are 8 seasons and a total number of 350 episodes in the original Love Island.

Q. Love Island USA has how many seasons?

A. There are four seasons in Love Island USA.

Q. Where can I watch Love Island USA?

A. You can stream (season 1 to season 3) on CBS by just signing in. Whereas you can binge on the latest season 4 via Peacock.

Q. Who hosts Love Island USA?

A. Arielle Vandenberg hosted the show for seasons 1-3 and Sarah Hyland began hosting Love Island USA for season 4.