Where to watch 'A Million Little Things' Season 4? Release date, trailer, cast, and all about the ABC drama

'A Million Little Things' Season 4 premieres on ABC (Image via Sportskeeda)
'A Million Little Things' Season 4 premieres on ABC (Image via Sportskeeda)

A Million Little Things heads into its fourth season sooner than expected. The last season left fans emotional and curious, and thus, they will be rejoiced to know that the series is here to give all the answers that they are eagerly waiting for.

A Million Little Things will air exclusively on ABC, including the network’s website and its local stations. Viewers can also stream the anticipated show on several streaming services, including YouTube TV, FuboTV, and Hulu + Live TV. Plus, one can watch the latest episode on Hulu the next day.

The official synopsis of A Million Little Things reads:

“A group of friends becomes motivated to living fuller lives after the unexpected death of a close friend.”

What is the release date?

A Million Little Things is set to premiere its fourth season on Wednesday, September 22 at 10 pm (ET) and 9 pm (CT).

A Million Little Things cast

The cast of A Million Little Things is massive as the show tells the story of a group of friends and their families.

The pivotal roles are played by James Roday Rodriguez (Gary Mendez), Christina Moses (Regina Howard), David Giuntoli (Eddie Saville), Floriana Lima (Darcy Cooper), Andrew Leeds (Peter), Romany Malco (Rome Howard), Allison Miller (Maggie Bloom), Grace Park (Katherine Saville), Stephanie Szostak (Delilah Dixon), Tristan Byon (Theo Saville), Lizzy Greene (Sophie Dixon), Chance Hurstfield (Danny Dixon).

How did A Million Little Things Season 3 end?

[Spoiler Alert] Throughout the third season, Gary is shown dealing with aggression which goes out of control during the finale. He goes after Peter, who assaulted Sophie. However, the season’s finale didn’t show whether Gary killed Peter or just left him all bruised.

The previous season of this Emmy-winning series also showed the struggle of Sophie trying to report her assault to the police. She even built up the courage to report Peter after Sophie’s return but couldn’t do it as she remembers how cops assaulted her earlier during protests.

Trailer shows what to expect next

The upcoming season of A Million Little Things will begin where it left off. The first episode of A Million Little Things Season 4 is titled Family First, and its synopsis reads:

“Gary struggles in the aftermath of his encounter with Peter. Meanwhile, Regina and Rome put on a united front following the closure of Someday and the deportation of Tyrell’s mother. Sophie deals with mixed emotions surrounding her mother while Delilah faces a difficult decision. Eddie inches closer to finding out who caused the accident, and Maggie navigates a new career opportunity.”

A trailer/promo clip of the upcoming season does not reveal any major details but a glimpse of what to expect next. It displays a line that tells the true meaning of this show:

“There’s a million ways you can count on friends.”
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