Who is AleXa from American Song Contest? Fans’ favorite contestant dropped first single in 2019

Meet AleXa from American Song Contest (Image via alexa_zbofficial/Instagram)
Meet AleXa from American Song Contest (Image via alexa_zbofficial/Instagram)

The new reality show, American Song Contest, premiered on Monday with 56 contestants. One of them is the K-pop singer, AleXa, from Oklahoma.

The American singer was born and raised in Tulsa until the age of 21 before moving to Seoul, South Korea. She rose to fame in 2016 from the Rising Legends audition program and later dropped her first single, Bomb, in 2019.

Apart from singing, she is also a talented dancer and songwriter. In the American Song Contest premiere, she performed Wonderland, which left fans thrilled and impressed.

As AleXa becomes one of the fans’ favorite contestants on the show, let’s read on to learn more about her.

AleXa’s full name, label, and more

Born to an American father and a South Korean mother, her full name is Alexandra Christine Schneiderman. In 2008, AleXa fell in love with K-pop through one of her closest friends.

She became popular after winning the online talent competition Rising Legends, which opened the door to the most competitive audition show, Produce 48, in Korea. Along with competitive shows, AleXa received training for around three years after Zanybros' ZB Label signed her in 2018.

Her first multilingual K-pop single, Bomb, became a hit with nearly 22 million views and ranked at No. 7 on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart. The popstar’s achievements have been mentioned in her bio uploaded on NBC’s site. It reads:

“A year later [2020], AleXa released extended plays ‘Do Or Die’ and ‘Decoherence,’ garnering wins for two of Korea's most prestigious awards.”

Her bio continued:

“In 2021, AleXa released Y2K-inspired ‘ReviveR' with dance track ‘Xtra,' performed the national anthem for the Los Angeles Dodgers and became the first K-pop artist to host a fan meeting in the metaverse within the action-shooter game ‘Scavengers.’"

Her most recent single was Tattoo, released in January 2022.

Fans’ reaction to AleXa’s American Song Contest performance


AleXa, who was initially criticized for lip-syncing, was later praised for her performance in the Eurovision-inspired music competition, American Song Contest. She performed Wonderland with a mind-blowing choreography.

Sharing a video of her performance, NBC wrote:

“Channeling the strong individualism of Oklahoma, K-pop musician AleXa performs her song ‘Wonderland.’”

Fans loved AleXa’s performance and have started urging viewers to vote for her. Check out their reactions here:

AleXa….BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE. And its only the second performance of the night!!! #AmericanSongContest @nbc
#AmericanSongContest I am gooped by how good Oklahoma’s song was. Go Alexa!
I don't even care about Alexa not singing live, cause this performance and staging looked FLAWLESS, what the fuuuuckkkkk i am shocked #AmericanSongContest
I know I see folks asking if she was lip syncing but this is song competition not singing so it doesn’t bother me if she did. It was a great performance and song #AmericanSongContest
Y’all go vote for AleXa she really ate up that stage!!!@AleXa_ZB #AleXaInWonderland#이상한나라의알렉사#AleXaOnASC#AmericanSongContest…
@spyros_krn Gave her all 10 of my votes. She tore up the stage tonight. #AleXa #AmericanSongContest
I salute Oklahoma K-Pop girl’s production team, they actually watched EuroVision and took notes. #AmericanSongContest
An Oklahoma artist who does K Pop. I'm intrigued! #AmericanSongContest

Meanwhile, the remaining contestants too delivered wonderful performances. In American Song Contest, the contenders must come up with original songs and participate in groups, duos, and solo challenges.

Hosted by Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dog, the singing reality show airs every Monday at 8.00 pm ET on NBC. Viewers can vote for their favorite contestant on the network’s website, app, and TikTok.

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