Who is Allyssa Brooke? Stranger Things actor's teenage son attacked during basketball game 

Stranger Things actor Allyssa Brooke's teenage son assaulted by varsity athletes (Images via IMDb and Listal)
Stranger Things actor Allyssa Brooke's teenage son assaulted by varsity athletes (Images via IMDb and Listal)

Actor Allyssa Brooke has started an online petition against her son Nicholas’ teenage abusers who physically assaulted him during a friendly basketball match. The varsity athletes left the Stranger Things actor's 16-year-old son with a broken jaw, whiplash and a severe concussion in the back of his head.

While describing the assault, Allyssa Brooke said:

"They didn't stop it; they applauded it. And to me, that's participation. I don't expect everybody to be a hero and run in to save the day if that's not your style. But to laugh and applaud, and cheer, that's not humanity.”

The Emergency Call actor explained that her son had been slammed against the hardwood flood and punched to the point of unconsciousness while onlookers stood laughing at the ongoing situation.

What happened to Allyssa Brooke’s son?

Allyssa Brooke, who hails from South Paris, appeared on the third season of Stranger Things. She also starred in Queen of the South, Bigger, Ozark, It People, Social Butterfly amongst many other acting gigs.

The mother exclaimed that she spent her son’s 17th birthday feeding him through a syringe because his jaw was wired shut after the horrific incident. In the petition, she explained that Nicholas’ jaw was broken in three places after the attack and the doctors had to check for internal bleeding after he had been slammed against the floor. Allyssa Brooke said:

“The days and weeks following the assault are hands-down the hardest we have ever had to endure as a family. Nick’s mouth was so swollen and misshapen that he had to wait 3 days before surgery could even be performed to correct it.”

According to 11alive, the two teens who assaulted Nicholas attended Buford City Schools. Although the attack happened off-campus, the parents of the victim hold school boards responsible for refusing to take action against the abusers who happen to be varsity athletes.

The teenagers accused of posting the video online attended Lanier High School in Gwinnett County. Gwinnett County Schools refused to act against the teenage abusers as the assault happened outside of school property, meaning that the code of conduct would not apply then.

Allyssa Brooke and her husband have now started a petition asking the Department of Education to enact the Ethical Code of Conduct for students attending publicly funded schools. The petition also entails that the strict code of conduct must apply to all student-athletes whether they are on school property or not and even if school is not in session.

“I fervently oppose that our tax payer dollars be spent on extracurricular activities for students who commit violent, hate-filled, bullying or otherwise offensive acts," -Allyssa Brooke

The petition was signed by over 10,000 supporters at the time of writing this article. The family has started a GoFundMe as well after Nicholas’ medical bills exceeded over $50,000.

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