Who is Amanda Stanton? The Bachelor alum calls out Clayton Echard's therapy dates after Genevieve Parisi exit

The Bachelor alum Amanda Stanton calls out Clayton Echard's therapy dates (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Bachelor alum Amanda Stanton calls out Clayton Echard's therapy dates (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Bachelor alum Amanda Stanton voiced her opinion on the February 21 episode of the dating competition show. In the show airing on ABC, the 28-year-old former football player Clayton Echard, sent one of his dates, Genevieve Parisi, back home because she didn’t like talking about her feelings or being emotional in front of everyone.

Expressing her concerns, Amanda Stanton wrote on her Instagram on February 22, 2022. She expressed,

“We have been watching The Bachelor this season and I have to say, something about the multiple therapy dates this season is rubbing me the wrong way. I understand where they were trying to go with it … but forcing girls to ‘open up’ on National TV and then literally judging their sessions or sending them home and making them feel bad if they don’t open up enough is just not it.”

She added,

“There’s a reason therapy is a private thing and I don’t think this is a good representation of therapy or helping end the stigma around mental health. Just had to say it.”

Who is Amanda Stanton

Amanda Stanton came into the spotlight in 2016 when she participated in the 20th season of The Bachelor. The 31-year-old single mom instantly became a fan favorite. However, she was eliminated in the 8th week of the show.

She later appeared on Bachelor in Paradise season 3 in 2016 and was proposed to by her ex-fiancé Josh Murray. However, the couple ended their engagement and went their separate ways later that year.

Stanton did not lose hope and continued to search for love in the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise. She returned to the show and rekindled her romance with her former boyfriend Robby Hayes. But things did not work out between them and she was once again left heartbroken.

Stanton, the Lani the Label founder, was also in a relationship with pro beach volleyball player Bobby Jacobs, and then with Oren Agman, an attorney based in New York City, but both relationships ended on a sour note.

But in February 2021, Stanton introduced her real estate boyfriend Michael Fogel while celebrating valentine’s day and on December 2, 2021, the couple sealed their love with a ring.

Stanton and her two daughters Charlie and Kinsley, from her first husband Nick Buonfiglio, often post fun pictures with Fogel on Instagram. Stanton and Buonfiglio were married for three years before they parted ways in 2015.

The fashion blogger and the author of Now Accepting Roses also starred in the Disney Channel original Cheetah Girls 2 in 2006, the TV movie Merry Christmas, and Drake & Josh in 2008, and played a small role in the movie Kissing Strangers in 2010.

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