Why did Clayton Echard send Sarah Hamrick home on The Bachelor?

Sarah Hamrick and Clayton Echard from The Bachelor (Image via John Medland/ABC)
Sarah Hamrick and Clayton Echard from The Bachelor (Image via John Medland/ABC)

The seventh episode of The Bachelor Season 26 aired on Monday. Clayton Echard sent Sarah Hamrick home, leaving fans shocked.

In episode 7, Echard took the ladies to Vienna, Austria, where they went on a group date. It was an intimate couples therapy session with each suitress who was expected to let their walls down and be vulnerable.

When Hamrick’s turn came, she was pretty confident to start the session with Echard, unlike fellow suitresses. She was even heard saying that she loves therapy. After the psychotherapist finished couples’ therapy with all the ladies, she informed the group, including Echard, that one of the suitresses was not telling the truth and was “performative.”

Later in the evening, Echard had a one-on-one conversation with each lady discussing some factors that he might have ignored or was not aware of. The suitresses, especially Rachel Recchia and Teddi Wright, revealed that they felt insecure and doubted their participation in the show because of Hamrick.

Apparently, Hamrick gave every detail of her and Echard’s one-on-one date, shown in the previous episode, to the girls. This made the suitresses feel unworthy and less confident.

Hamrick also told them that she and Echard cried together, which the show’s lead denied. After listening to the ladies, Echard called Hamrick and told her that he didn’t trust her because she was manipulative. She tried hard to bring tears to her eyes and convince him that she didn’t want to leave the show. But the bachelor had her pack her bags.

Mara Agrait warned Clayton Echard about Sarah Hamrick

Before Recchia and Wright, Mara Agrait warned Echard of Hamrick not being the partner he was looking for. Even after telling Echard about Hamrick’s manipulative tactics, he gave her the rose and eliminated Agrait from the show.

Before the rose ceremony, she confronted Hamrick for her comment she passed after her conversation with Echard. Hamrick said that Agrait badmouthing her was a “last-ditch” effort for a woman who was going home.

However, the confrontation didn’t lead to any fruitful results for Agrait as she had to leave the show. But her exit made the fellow suitresses realize Hamrick’s alleged play.

All about The Bachelor Episode 7

The first rose ceremony resulted in Agrait and Eliza Isichei’s exit from The Bachelor Season 26. Later in the therapy session, Genevieve Parisi voluntarily quit the show, and then, the final rose ceremony led to Wright being eliminated from the dating series.

Now the final four suitresses are Recchia, Gabby Windey, Serene Russell, and Susie Evans. In the upcoming episode, Echard will visit the ladies’ hometowns to meet their parents and relatives.

The Bachelor’s new episode will air Monday, February 28 at 8.00 pm ET on ABC.

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