Who is Bridgid Coulter? Everything to know about Don Cheadle's secret marriage to his long-term partner of 28 years

Don Cheadle secretly married longtime beau Bridgid Coulter last year (image via Getty Images)
Don Cheadle secretly married longtime beau Bridgid Coulter last year (image via Getty Images)

Don Cheadle recently revealed that he secretly tied the knot with long-term partner Bridgid Coulter last year. The “Avengers” star officially confirmed the marriage during an appearance on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Guest host Wanda Sykes was the first to break the news on the show, revealing that Cheadle texted her after his marriage:

"You texted me at the top of the year, I guess, and you told me that you just got married. And I was like, oh damn, the pandemic got to Don and Bridgid.''

Sykes playfully shared that she thought the duo were already married:

“I think I texted something back like, ‘hey, if you’re happy, I am happy for you. I was like Cheadle went Hollywood. Because I didn’t know you guys weren’t married.”

The “Hotel Rwanda” actor also agreed to his friend’s teasing statement:

"Yeah, I mean, that's understandable given that we've been together 28 years before we got married. I hold you blameless."

Cheadle’s marriage to Bridgid Coulter took place after a 28-year long relationship. The couple share two daughters, Ayana Tai Cheadle (26) and Imani Cheadle (24).

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Who is Bridgid Coulter?

Bridgid Coulter was born in Alameda County, California, on August 2nd, 1968. The 52-year-old actor appeared in TV shows like “Martin” and “Westworld.” She also starred alongside Cheadle in “Rosewood” and more recently in “Black Monday.”

Coulter is also the owner and founder of Blackbird House, defined as “a physical and digital life-work gathering space that supports and advances women of color and allies” to help them drive positive social change and economic impact.

Besides her acting career, Coulter is an established interior designer. She has worked to develop and design several beautiful homes. She is also a prominent activist advocating racial equality and providing support to women of color. Coulter was an active supporter of Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign.

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Fans react to Don Cheadle's marriage with Bridgid Coulter

Cheadle and Coulter reportedly started dating in 1992, even before they worked together in the historical drama “Rosewood.” Their relationship stood the test of time, making them one of the most loved couples in Hollywood today.

The couple's social media pages are also filled with love-filled posts dedicated to each other.

Following the news of their secret marriage, fans took to Twitter to celebrate the couple's longtime relationship.

Throughout their 28 years in the relationship, Cheadle and Coulter have publicly attended several events together. The duo recently appeared side-by-side at the 2021 virtual Golden Globes awards.

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