Who is chef Jordan Andino? Meet the host of Netflix’s new show Cook at all Costs 2022

Jordan Andino has hosted and judges many Food Network shows before hosting Cook at all Costs (Images via fork_knife/ Instagram)
Jordan Andino has hosted and judges many Food Network shows before hosting Cook at all Costs (Images via fork_knife/ Instagram)

Netflix is dropping a brand new cooking show called Cook at all Costs on Friday, December 16. The show will feature three home cooks bidding against each other for essential ingredients and trying to cook the perfect dishes with the goal of impressing guest judges along with host Jordan Andino.

49-year-old Andino was last seen hosting Food Network's Late Nite Eats in 2018 and was also included in Zagat's "30 Hottest Chef's Under 30" in 2016. He often appears on Canada's Jr Chef Showdown as a guest judge and will now "auction off" food items in Cook at all Costs.

Jordan Andino is the owner of the Flip Sigi chain of restaurants

Born in Toronto, Canada, Jordan Andino began cooking at the tender age of 9, by learning different recipes from his father. He soon moved to Manhattan Beach for a chance to work in some of the most legendary restaurants like Spago and The French Laundry.

Andino enrolled himself in the Hotel Administration program at Cornell University in 2006 and graduated in 2010. He often worked as a personal chef at the time and has appeared on Keeping up with Kardashians' spin off series Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons. After graduating, Jordan worked as a chef, bartender and manager for many restaurants like Dino's Bar and Grill, Cavanaugh's River and Disco Sushi Entertainment.

In 2016, Jordan started his own chain of restaurants called Flip Sigi, which offers dishes cooked with a blend of classic Filipino cuisine and French technique. According to Andino’s website:

"Jordan’s cooking is an inspired combination of his grandmother and father. Blending those elements with Spanish and Mexican vessels, he’s created a unique signature profile for his Flip Sigi Restaurants."

In 2017, Jordan made his first appearance on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel as a guest chef. His time on the show gave him the opportunity to start his own Food Network show called Late Nite Eats, which lasted for 2 seasons and 26 episodes in total. During that time, he appeared on Cooks vs. Cons, Chopped and Worst Cooks in America as a guest judge.

He currently works as a personal chef for Fork Knife Hospitality and has prepared food for more than 10,000 clients, including professional athletes and celebrities.

In brief, about Cook at all Costs

Cook at all Costs will feature three home chefs competing against each other by preparing the best possible dishes while buying its ingredients in an ongoing auction. Each chef will have $25,000 in their bank account to buy the ingredients.

Contestants can spend big money on luxury items, save money on basic ingredients until the end, or gamble away one item for another surprise ingredient. At the end of each episode of Cook at all Costs, the guest judge hiding in the back pantry will taste the dishes and announce the winner in a creative manner. The winning chef will take home all the money left in their bank account.

Guest judges will themselves prepare dishes using the mystery box provided to them and other chefs will get a chance to taste exotic food items prepared by world-renowned chefs like Nancy Silverton, Rick Martinez, Esther Choi, Richard Blais and Gabe Kennedy.

All episodes of Cook at all Costs will be dropped on Netflix this Friday, December 16, at 03:01 am ET.

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