Who are Chris and Calvin LaMont? All about the twins ahead of HGTV's Buy it or Build it premiere

Chris and Calvin LaMont (Image via thelamontbrothers/Instagram)
Chris and Calvin LaMont (Image via thelamontbrothers/Instagram)

Buy It or Build It duo Chris and Calvin LaMont are among the best real estate developers in Dallas, Texas, and the twins are now ready to launch their own show.

The Buy It or Build It duo offer their clients a chance to either get the brothers to build them an entirely new house or renovate an already existing house that matches their expectations. The client then chooses if they want a brand new house or a renovated home.

The synopsis of the show reads,

"Calvin and Chris Lamont help their clients face one of their biggest dilemmas as potential homeowners — Buy It or Build It?"

Who are Buy It or Build It Chris and Calvin LaMont?

The identical LaMont twins, Chris and Calvin, are set to launch their own TV show on HGTV. The licensed contractors are originally from Jamaica. The two moved to Dallas, Texas a decade ago with high hopes for their future, which the twins have stated on their website,

"When we moved to Dallas, we knew we wanted to do real estate."

Both and them graduated from Lehigh University in 2007 and then opened a janitorial and floor cleaning company, CWC Restoration and Construction, in 2010 before finally beginning building and flipping houses in 2015. The two are currently real-estate developers and builders.

Calvin LaMont has been the vasity football letterman of his college three times. He got engaged to his girlfriend Sabrina Boxton last year. The two have a daughter together. Chris LaMont is the father of two boys, Jayden Kash and Chris Jr.

More about Buy It, Build It

Buy It or Build It premieres on HGTV on May 18 at 9:00 PM ET. The series will have 6 episodes.

While Calvin believes that building a new home from the ground up is the right way to go, Chris likes to renovate properties that are already built. So the twins, after listening to the homeowners' needs, will go their separate ways.

Chris will design a sketch of the new home while Calvin will find an existing home that matches the owner's style. It will be up to customers to buy the old property and renovate it or build a new house from scratch.

The first episode of the show will feature identical twins Chris and Calvin meeting Dominique and Darrian Campbell, who are searching for a big family home for their growing family.

The synopsis of the episode reads,

"A couple needs a new home for their growing family, but while a game room tops his wish list, she thinks a walk-in closet is more important. Chris and Calvin each work to turn their strict budget and tight deadline into a family home they'll both love."

Buy It or Build It will air on HGTV every Wednesday at 9:00 PM ET.

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