Who is David Bromstad's ex? Scandalous past explored ahead of 'My Lottery Dream Home' premiere

'My Lottery Dream Home' host David Bromstad (Image via bromco/Instagram)
'My Lottery Dream Home' host David Bromstad (Image via bromco/Instagram)

Fans' favorite host David Bromstad is returning with a new season of his HGTV show, My Lottery Dream Home. His upbeat attitude and energy add charm to the real estate series.

As charming as his life looks on camera and on social media, David Bromstad has had his share of struggle, controversy, and sorrow in real life.

The star hit a rough patch in 2015 when his ex-boyfriend filed a lawsuit against the My Lottery Dream Home host. After the duo broke up, Bromstad’s ex Jeffrey Glasko put multiple shocking allegations on his partner.

David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko’s ugly breakup

Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad started dating in 2004 when they met on Valentine’s Day at a pub in Firestone, Orlando. They soon hit it off at the singles mixer at the pub, and since then, they dated until 2015.

While the two became fans’ favorite couple and were all set to get hitched, Glasko called it quits. He went ahead and filed a lawsuit against David Bromstad, citing the "breach of an oral nuptial-like cohabitation contract and partition of the condo they shared.”

In the report, Glasko made some shocking revelations as well. He alleged that David Bromstad was involved in illicit drugs and alcohol, leaving Glasko emotionally and financially exhausted.

His accusations in the lawsuit read:

“On or about 2010, [Da­vid Bromstad] began using funds shared with [Glasko] to pay for illicit drugs and pro*****tes resulting in a loss of trust and confidence.”

The host reportedly denied the claims, and later, the judge dismissed the lawsuit in favor of David Bromstad “with sanctions levied against” Glasko.

Meanwhile, the Design Star winner is focused on his upcoming season of My Lottery Dream Home and apparently is not dating anyone.

About My Lottery Dream Home’s new season


Produced by Beyond Productions, My Lottery Dream Home is all set to premiere its new season on Friday, November 12, at 9.00 pm ET/PT on HGTV. Hosted by David Bromstad, the reality series is about finding dream houses for wealthy people.

The official synopsis of My Lottery Dream Home reads:

“He [Bromstad] crisscrosses the country to help his instantly rich clients find fantasy homes with their newfound wealth. From a waterfront getaway in Cape Coral, Florida, to a sprawling family estate in Atlanta, Georgia, David will search for amenity-filled properties that check off every box on a lottery winner’s wish list.”

The network has been releasing promo clips on social media where viewers can get a glimpse of its premiere episode.

In it, David Bromstad is seen helping a family of five people and three dogs move out of a two-bedroom apartment to a luxury house in California. After winning a lottery of five million dollars, the family is on a house hunt that comes with rooms for everyone. Will Bromstad be able to help them find their fantasy home? Only time will tell.

The latest episodes will also stream on Discovery Plus.

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