Who is Fusion Japan? AGT's dance group performed in World Of Dance, Britain's Got Talent and more

Fusion Japan make their debut on AGT (Image via fusionjapan/Instagram)
Fusion Japan make their debut on AGT (Image via fusionjapan/Instagram)

Dance group Fusion Japan will be auditioning for America's Got Talent (AGT) on the second episode, set to air on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at 8 pm ET on NBC. This will leave the audience as well as the judges stunned with their performance and set the stage for future Japanese dance artists to perform.

The newly formed Japanese crew has a mix of two popular individual groups called Fabulous Sisters and Kyushudanji.

America's Got Talent (AGT) is back for its seventeenth season, owing to tremendous success from its previous installments. This time, viewers will witness top-tier performances that will leave them speechless. Fan-favorite celebrity judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum are back on the judging panel this season that premiered on May 31, 2022.

Who is Fusion Japan? Rival groups unite to deliver an impressive performance on AGT


Fusion Japan made a great impression on the Season 17 AGT stage as viewers and the judges saw a huge group consisting of girls on one side and boys on the other. People knew this group was different because there was a clear separation between the two genders. However, it was later revealed by the official translator that they had been rival groups back in Japan and have united for this competition.

After a series of fun questions and getting to know sessions, the group delivered a stunning performance combining hip-hop dancing with aerial acrobatics that left the audience standing on their feet. The dance crew received a standing ovation from the AGT judges, with Terry Crews terming the act to be “one of the best things I’ve seen in my life!”

It looks like Fusion Japan created their Instagram page just before their auditions on AGT. The group's bio on the page takes viewers to their individual accounts where viewers can get a glimpse of their individual journeys and performances.

Girl Group - Fabulous Sisters

The group was created with "dynamic choreography and overflowing passion." The crew consists of girls between the age groups of 12-26 and aren't new to a reality dance or talent competition. Fabulous Sisters won World Of Dance (Youth Division) finals two years in a row in 2016 and 2017 with the highest points in the history of the show along with the title of World Champion.

The dance crew also reached the divisional finals of World of Dance (Youth Division) in 2018. Earlier in 2019, the group also reached the semi-finals of Asia's Got Talent. The Japanese dance troupe participated in Season 13 of Britain's Got Talent the same year and danced to orchestral music that impressed the judges who put them through to the semi-finals.

The AGT contestants have over 24K followers on Instagram and keep their followers updated about their journey.

Boy Group - Kyushudanji

As per their Instagram page, the boy group is also not new to AGT. The group has competed in several dance competitions and is extremely popular for their dance styles and exhuberant performances.

The group made a strong impression on the audience with their awe-inspiring and synchronizing moves during their stint at the World of Dance competition that was held on August 16, 2015. They went on to win the youth category of the competition and stole the show with their incredible performance, inspiring the Japanese community back home.


During their time on World of Dance, they were known as Kyushudanji Shinsengumi, a youth breakdancing group. Apart from that, they have also won several local competitions like All Japan Super Kids Dance Contest in 2016-17, Clash of Sneakers in 2016, Japan Dance Delight in 2018, and Dance Alive Japan in 2019.

The AGT dance crew has over 6K followers on Instagram, where they constantly update followers with their performances, stints in competitions and dance practice sessions.

Last week, the reality talent competition saw incredible talents, including Celia Munoz, Merchant Vera and many more, gracing the stage with their audition. Viewers and judges witnessed magic, singing, dancing and so much more on stage that left them impressed, with many of the contestants moving forward to the next round.

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