Who is Mervant Vera? America's Got Talent 2022 (season 17) contestant combines rap and magic, gets standing ovation

Mervant Vera stuns audience and judges with his performance on AGT (Image via mervant/Instagram)
Mervant Vera stuns audience and judges with his performance on AGT (Image via mervant/Instagram)

Mervant Vera participated on Season 17 of America's Got Talent (AGT) and impressed the judges and the audience to gain a standing ovation after the end of his performance. The reality talent competition is back for the seventeenth year in a row, owing to its astounding success from the previous installments. The show will premiere on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 with more incredible talents.

The competition will be broadcast on NBC every Tuesday night at 8 pm ET, with the premiere episode being a two-hour extravaganza filled with music, magic and more talent that will be showcased by contestants from all over the world. AGT 2022 will be judged by fan-favorite celebrity judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum.

America's Got Talent judge Klum opened up to Access Hollywood about the show and said:

"I always call it a 'rollercoaster of emotions,' because a person comes and they're singing. The next is an aerialist. The next one is a contortionist or a comedian. Everyone has a story to tell because they're real people. They're not actors. This is not a movie. This is real life. It's always fun to hear the stories...it never gets boring."

Who is America's Got Talent (AGT) contestant Mervant Vera?


Illusionist Mervant Vera brings a unique talent to the America's Got Talent stage this year. In a clip released by the show, he is seen showcasing his skills, combining magic and rap. As per his Instagram bio, the contestant is a magician, mentalist, and hip-hop songwriter. While performing in different parts of the country, he goes by the stage name Mervant the Deceptionist.

The 33-year-old Philadelphia native describes himself as "an illusionist" who started working "out of my pure love of entertaining others." Since 2010, the star has been making people smile as a professional entertainer.

The star started to learn magic in his teenage years and has been perfecting the same for over 15 years. He also has his own show in Philadelphia called Deceptions: A Magical Night of Mystery and Deception.

The show's bio reads:

"Combining music with mind-blowing magic, Mervant’s high-energy show features comedy, drama, and interactive audience participation. His ability to entertain everyone make him one of the most versatile performers working today."

Before becoming a top magician, his passion for being an illusionist started while studying at East Stroudsburg University in the Poconos as an undergraduate student. In an interview with The Philadelphia Sun, he confessed that he was a "late boomer," and while other kids would start doing magic when they were kids, the America's Got Talent contestant only began when he was 18.

He also opened up about his first magic show that he conducted on the college campus. The illusionist said:

“I already had an interest in magic from watching magicians on television, and my university ended up having a few magicians come to do shows, and I thought it was so interesting.”

The America's Got Talent star continued:

“Then one day, I walked up to a mentalist I met at the time, and I asked him, ‘Hey, do you make a lot of money doing this?’ And he said, ‘Oh, you can if you do this right, you can make a million dollars a year.’ And I started thinking, ‘wow, this is really interesting.’”

Apart from magic, the America's Got Talent contestant owns several caps - he writes music and even grew up acting, he has a theater background with a degree in the same. He also hails himself as an entertainer. The star released a new single called Fabric in 2019 which has over 2K listeners. He was also featured in Jubilee's video titled 6 Magicians vs 1 Fake Magician|Odd Man Out.

He believes that "success in magic starts with curiosity," and said:

“It’s really an empathetic art form, because I don’t get to experience magic as a magician. I don’t ever experience magic per se. The experience I get is seeing the reaction as the spectator, giving people these moments of astonishment.”

Viewers can tune in to America's Got Talent (AGT) on NBC, or watch it on NBC’s official website or application. The episodes can also be viewed live on Youtube TV, Hulu+Live TV, and Fubo TV with a subscription. They can also be watched the day after the TV telecast on Hulu's website and app with a subscription.

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