Who is Geoffrey Giuliano? Squid Game VIP actor set to auction robe and script for charity

Geoffrey Giuliano plays the role of VIP #4 on the Squid Game (Image via Instagram/ @geoffreyactor)
Geoffrey Giuliano plays the role of VIP #4 on the Squid Game (Image via Instagram/ @geoffreyactor)
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The actors in Squid Game are in the news every day for a variety of reasons. This time, with Geoffrey Giuliano, there is a surprising beneficiary - the people of India.

Netflix's Squid Game's meteoric rise to success has brought several rookies much deserved attention, like relative newbies Jung Ho Yeon and Anupam Tripathi. The latest actor to be in the news, though, is no stranger to the film industry.

Who is Squid Game's Geoffrey Giuliano?

Geoffrey Giuliano played the role of VIP 4 in Squid Game. Geoffrey Giuliano is a well-established figure, not only in the entertainment world but also in the literary world!

The 68-year-old is an American author and radio personality, apart from being an actor. Giuliano has written extensively on music, specifically on the works of the Beatles, including individual biographies for the members. Some of Giuliano's works are Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney, The Lost Beatles Interviews, Dark Horse: The Private Life of George Harrison and Behind Blue Eyes: The Life of Pete Townshend.

Giuliano reportedly started acting since he was 12 years old. He also happens to be a singer-songwriter, having released two music CDs: Chocolate Wings and the Indo-fusion work God Dwells Within.

In Squid Game, Giuliano takes on the mantel of a bloodthirsty VIP, who watches the brutal games with unabashed glee, relishing in the brutal murders. The VIP's robe plays an important part, especially when the character comes face to face with Wi Ha Joon's cop character, who is out for revenge.

The success of the hit show has flung him into public attention once again, and Giuliano, who also happens to be an activist for human and animal rights, has decided to use this fame for a good cause.

Squid Game VIP Geoffrey Giuliano to auction robe worn on show

In an interview with TMZ magazine, Giuliano revealed that he was planning to auction off the opulent robe worn on the show, along with his copy of Squid Game's script and storyboard, for the benefit of children and widows living in West Bengal, India.

The auction, according to Giuliano, will be held by a dealer in North Carolina, USA, and all the proceeds from the auction will reportedly go towards Sri Radhe International, a charitable foundation based in New York. Giuliano happens to be a regular collaborator with this foundation, having donated several other things in the past.

The actor pointed out that he doesn't usually hold on to scripts, but he was deeply affected by the Squid Game script and decided to keep it. The robe, too, was memorable enough for him to hold on to.

While no one could have predicted Squid Game's massive success, Giuliano's decision to hold on to the robe has paid off in the long run.

The date for the auction hasn't been set yet. But the actor-author expects to see six figures for the robe and at least $10k for the script.

Some fans have claimed that the iconic robe would be a popular choice for Halloween costumes.

The squid game guard costume is gonna be the new akatsuki robe for basic halloween costumes

Apart from the auction, the actor has also revealed that a Las Vegas hotel is reportedly interested in getting their hands on the show's props, perhaps for a Squid Game themed hotel.

Would you dare to visit this hotel?

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