Who is Helen Li from Survivor 44? San Francisco resident is a huge Taylor Swift fan

Helen Li is set to compete on Survivor season 44
Helen Li is set to compete on Survivor season 44 (Image via Instagram/@helen_li)

Survivor season 44 is set to air on Wednesday, March 1, at 8 pm ET on CBS and will feature 18 new castaways as they compete for the next Sole Survivor in the upcoming season. One of the contestants set to compete in the CBS show is Helen Li, from San Francisco, who loves to listen to Taylor Swift.

In a conversation with Parade, she said that she’s a huge fan and would take any chance of meeting the singer and added that while she doesn’t know if Taylor watches the show or even wants to be in the elements of the island, if she is, Helen would be over the moon.

Meet Survivor season 44 cast member Helen Li ahead of her appearance on the show

The upcoming season 44 castaway, whose pronouns are she/her, has been working as a senior product manager for Cruise for the past two months. However, her career started off as a corporate strategy senior associate for State Street.

She then worked with Uber for three years in different roles, first as the regional operations managers for Uber Earts Us & Canada, then the senior regional operations manager and later being promoted to the regional operations lead.

The upcoming castaway then worked as an OD50 fellow for On Deck followed by working for HomeLight for almost two years as a product manager before being promoted to senior product manager.

Helen is a graduate of Buckingham Browne & Nichols School followed by her time at Dartmouth College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree where in economics and mathematics.

The season 44 contestant then attended MIT Sloan School of Management where she earned a Masters in Business Administration and is a certified Open Water Diver for PADI.

She spoke to Parade about Survivor season 44 and stated that she sees a lot of Erika Casupanan from season 41 in herself. She hopes to repeat history and take home the win.

Parade describes her as:

"The 29-year-old has lived a life of "code-switching" that has made her adaptable to many different personalities, be they friend or foe. And even though the product manager admits she easily gets lost in the jungle, she thinks her unassuming bubbly persona will allow her to navigate to the destination of Sole Survivor."

During the interview, the contestant added that she’s been watching the show for over 10 years and that it’s her favorite show. She continued that although the show has been on air for 20 years, every season is surprising and amazing in its own way and described it as “the ultimate adventure.”

Helen said that her favorite moment in the show’s history is the Black Widow Birdgae taking acquiring the immunity necklace from Erik as she thought that it was a very powerful moment.

She added that it was one of the first times that she saw women get together and use “what makes them women as a tool of power.”

She further stated:

"So I thought that was amazing. And every time I rewatch it, it’s still a crazy moment."

Tune in on Wednesday, March 1, at 8 pm ET to watch the season premiere of Survivor season 44 on CBS.

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