Who is Jimmie Herrod? All you need to know about the "Pink Martini" singer who received a Golden Buzzer on AGT

Singer Jimmie Herrod earns Golden Buzzer on AGT (Image via NBC/America's Got Talent)
Singer Jimmie Herrod earns Golden Buzzer on AGT (Image via NBC/America's Got Talent)
Barsha Roy

Portland Singer Jimmie Herrod is the latest contestant to receive a Golden Buzzer on “America’s Got Talent.” The singer even earned a standing ovation after delivering a mesmerizing rendition of “Tomorrow” from “Annie.”

Following the loud applause, Sofia Vergara marked Jimmie Herrod as her Golden Buzzer contestant for the season. However, things did not look bright for the singer at first when he revealed the song of his choice.

Simon Cowell immediately termed “Tomorrow” as the “worst song in the world,” even asking Jimmie Herrod to perform on a different number. The 30-year-old continued with his own pick, ultimately taking the judges by surprise.

The panel was taken aback right after Jimmie Herrod hit the first note. He also earned a massive cheer from the audience even before completing the first line. After Herrod's powerful finish, a surprised Cowell was quick to declare, “it is not my worst song anymore.”

As the three judges and audience cheered in unison, Vergara remained in her seat, looking slightly unimpressed. After a playful “I didn’t like it that much,” Vergara announced she “loved it” before hitting the buzzer for Herrod.

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Who is Jimmie Herrod?

Based in Portland, Jimmie Herrod hails from Tacoma. He currently works as a professor of jazz music and has been an active performer over the past few years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition and Performance from the Cornish College of Arts in Seattle.

Jimmie Herrod also earned a Master’s in Jazz Studies from Portland State University. He previously worked with ArtsWest Theater and 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle. He also has two self-made albums in his credits, “Falling In Love” and “Learning To Love Myself.”

Jimmie Herrod has worked with the electronic duo ODESZA. He is also a guest performer on Pink Martini and bandmates with last week's popular AGT contestant, Storm Large. Herrod and Large have been on several world tours together with Pink Martini.

In a recent interview with the Olympian, Jimmie Herrod opened up about his sexuality and using music as a piece of expression:

“It wasn’t necessarily easy growing up and being who I am — a gay Black guy — in Tacoma. There were aspects of myself that I couldn’t share in that time and place, but I would put on my headphones and listen to albums and sing, practically shouting. It was a way to express things.”

During the interview, Jimmie Herrod also revealed he was previously hesitant to perform in public. He shared that it was his mom who motivated him to take up a career in music:

“She had this great idea that I could perform at physical rehabilitation centers and senior centers and ask them for a small fee. I had set up a network of six or seven different places where I’d perform each month. That was my job in high school.

The aspiring singer has also toured with the Lauderdale band. He even performed in the National Symphony Orchestra’s “50 Years Over the Rainbow: A Judy Garland Celebration” back in 2019.

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Jimmie Herrod talks about changing Simon Cowell’s mind

Media mogul Simon Cowell is known for his critical ways of judging contestants on reality shows. However, Jimmie Herrod was one of the rare performers who not only impressed Cowell but also changed his perspective.

While speaking to Talent Recap, Herrod revealed how he changed the judge’s mind:

“I think a lot of people hate the song [“Tomorrow”], but I think the meaning of the song is still important. Once people listen to the words, it gets somewhere in the heart, and that’s what I hoped to do, and I think it really impacted Sophia too, just like the rest of the judges.”

Jimmie Herrod has impressed the global audience with his live performance of “Tomorrow” in several concerts before. He also went on to add an enthralling cover of the song to his debut EP.

Sophia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer sent Herrod straight to the live performances. He will be joined in the live acts by Nightbirde, Northwell Nurse Choir, and World Taekwondo.

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