Who has JoJo Siwa dated? Relationship history explored as YouTuber announces she's single after girlfriend's controversial statements resurface online

Jojo Siwa(Image via itsjojosiwa/Instagram)
Jojo Siwa(Image via itsjojosiwa/Instagram)

Jojo Siwa recently announced in a TikTok video that she is "SINGLEEEE." The Dancing With The Stars contestant was recently seen with new companion Katie Mills at a Lakers game. Since then, media and fans have been questioning the star about her relationship status.

Things got sketchy when Mills' old tweets started to resurface. Mills has a history of posting and liking pro-Trump and anti-trans sentiments. She was also accused of cultural appropriation when the 18-year old donned fake cornrows for a Kendrick Lamar costume.

The star had publicly dated two people prior to her rumored relationship with Mills - Kylie Prew and Mark Bontempo. The media had suspected her of dating her family friend Elliot Brown as well, but Jojo swiftly debunked those rumors.

Jojo Siwa's dating history

Rumored relationship with Katie Mills

Jojo Siwa has been in the media spotlight from a very young age, but the star has kept her personal life private. She was recently seen with a new partner — Katie Mills — at the Lakers game.

Mills and Jojo had been sitting together in the first row when Jae Crowder almost fell on the girls. Fortunately, the mishap was averted and both the girls and the sportsman were safe.

Later, Jojo posted a few TikTok posts with Mills, and in one of them, the latter lovingly kissed Jojo on the cheek. Not long after that, fans soon brought up Mills' VSCO account and discovered that the two had visited Disneyland together.

However, after the tweets resurfaced from Mills' account, fans were against the two dating. Mills posted multiple tweets explaining and apologizing for her past choices, but apparently that wasn't enough for the relationship to continue.

Kylie Prew

Jojo Siwa and Kylie Prew met each other on a cruise and instantly hit it off. Soon, the two became really good friends and Prew became one of the first people to find out about Jojo Siwa's s*xual orientation. Jojo revealed on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show in September 2021 that Prew was the one to encourage her to come out to her fans.

The girls remained best friends for a year before officially beginning dating in January 2021. The couple stayed together for almost a year before splitting in November 2021. According to Jojo, the break-up came about due to their busy schedules, and they remained best friends.

Mark Bontempo

Jojo Siwa and Mark Bontempo began dating around May 2020. The star had hinted at a relationship in a July 2020 Tiktok post. Initially, the relationship was kept out of the public eye. Jojo eventually introduced Mark to the world in a TikTok post captioned "Meet Mark" on August 2, 2020. Jojo later confirmed in November that the couple had broken up due to their respective career choices.

The star is a role model for many queer children in the country. Jojo Siwa fans applauded her for taking a stand and not moving forward in her relationship with Katie Mills.

Jojo is the youngest celebrity ever to have been invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, also became the first person to have a same-gender partner in DWTS.

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