Who is Luigi de Guzman? Jeopardy! winner all set to continue playing in season 39 premiere

Luigi de Guzman won Jeopardy Season 38
Luigi de Guzman won Jeopardy! season 38's July 29 episode (Image via instaouij/Instagram)

A brand new season of Jeopardy! is all set to premiere on Monday, September 12, 2022. The previous installment of the show ended on July 29, 2022, declaring Luigi de Guzman as the final episode’s winner.

According to the show’s format, he will return to Jeopardy season 39 episode 1 to continue the game with two new players. On the July 29 episode, he was up against one-day winner Katrina Hall and associate professor Darin Ciccotelli.

Luigi played wonderfully from the start itself. He went into the Final Jeopardy round with $20,800 and bagged an extra $2,601 by answering the final question correctly. Therefore, he is set to return in the next episode, which is the premiere of season 39.

Luigi de Guzman is an attorney from Virginia

Luigi de Guzman appeared on the game show on July 29, 2022, when the final episode was aired. He won $23,401 prize money and hence, will be back as the returning champion in the season 39 premiere.

By profession, he is an attorney from Arlington, Virginia. According to the Filipino American Lawyers Association of Washington, D.C., he worked as a regulatory attorney in the Washington, DC office of Buckley Sandler LLP.

In 2010, Luigi completed his J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree from Catholic University. During his law school days, the attorney achieved several milestones, including becoming an associate editor for the Catholic University Law Review and pursuing an internship for Anh Joseph Cao in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Before law school, Luigi bagged his M.Sc. degree from the University of London (2003) and his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cambridge (2001).

Meanwhile, he is all set to return to the popular syndicated game show, Jeopardy, after six weeks.

What was Luigi’s final question in Jeopardy season 38?


Luigi played against Katrina Hall and Darin Ciccotelli on the July 29 episode, which was the season 38 finale.

The first round was won by one-day winner Katrina as she earned $7,000. Luigi minted $6,800, while Darin made $2,800.

In the second round, Luigi took the lead as his total went up to $20,800. Katrina landed in second place with $11,800, followed by Darin with $11,000. The Final Jeopardy round turned out to be a win for all three participants as everyone answered correctly.

The final round’s category was “Tech History,” and the clue read:

“For about 20 years after its invention, it had few practical uses; then suddenly it revolutionized grocery checkouts & home audio.”

The answer to the clue was “Laser.”

In the game show, the questions are asked in the form of clues and players give answers in the form of questions. All three players gave the correct answers. Take a look at July 29’s final results:

  • Luigi de Guzman: $20,800 + $2,601 = $23,401 (What is the laser?) (1-day total: $23,401)
  • Katrina Hall: $11,800 + $9,001 = $20,801 (What is bar codes? lasers?)
  • Darin Ciccotelli: $11,000 + $2,994 = $13,994 (What is laser technology?)

With $23,401, Luigi won the game. He will now be competing once again in Jeopardy season 39 episode 1.

The new season will be hosted by Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. The duo will split their hosting duties throughout the season.

Mayim will also host Celebrity Jeopardy!, which will premiere on ABC on Sunday, September 25, 2022, at 8.00 pm Eastern Time (ET).

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