Who qualified in the ninth round of AGT auditions for season 18? Recap and more details explored

Chibi Unity won the golden buzzer (Image via NBC)
Chibi Unity won the golden buzzer (Image via NBC)

The anticipation and thrill of America's Got Talent (AGT) season 18 continued to captivate its viewers as the ninth round of auditions took over the stage in episode 10, which premiered on Monday, August 8. During this two-hour showcase in the final set of auditions, an array of talented individuals and groups stepped onto the stage.

The latest episode offered a dynamic mix of performances, emotions, and surprises that left both the judges and fans in awe. Those who qualified in the ninth round of AGT auditions for season 18 include Duo Dadiva, Donovyn Diaz, Papayaso, Heather and Bogart, Morgan & Roxi, Titos Tsai, Eduardo Antonio Trevino, Kevin Li, and finally the golden buzzer winner for episode 10, Chibi Unity.

Chibi Unity won the golden buzzer in the ninth round of AGT auditions

The audition phase of AGT season 18 adhered to its signature format, requiring each act to garner a minimum of three affirmative votes from the four judges in order to progress to the subsequent rounds. The dreaded red buzzer, pressed by two or more judges, served as an immediate disqualification. Adding an element of unpredictability was the "golden buzzer," wielded by both the judges and host Terry Crews, granting the power to catapult an act directly into the live performances.

The latest installment celebrated the rich diversity of talents, spanning from heartwarming performances to the mind-bending. The auditions introduced audiences to the enchanting balancing act by Duo Dadiva, which garnered mixed responses from the judges.

On the other end of the spectrum was Donovyn Diaz's poignant dance performance, an emotional dedication to his mother's battle against cancer, which earned him a standing ovation and unanimous "yesses."

Papayaso, a Chilean clown, emerged as a charming enigma with an act that amalgamated humor and astonishment with his array of impressions. He showcased a unique fusion of comedy and skill.

Heather and Bogart, a dynamic dog duo, etched an indelible imprint with their agility showcase. The latter, displaying remarkable dexterity despite having only three legs, struck a chord with viewers and judges alike.

The global spotlight illuminated America's Got Talent (AGT), featuring international talents like Josh Alfred from Nigeria and Titos Tsai from Taiwan. These exceptional acts brought their distinct cultural flavors and talents to the AGT stage, leaving both the audience and judges captivated by their diverse performances.

One of the evening's most enchanting moments unfolded with the performance of Chibi Unity, a dance group hailing from Japan. Starting their act in darkness, they utilized shadows and a sheet to create a mesmerizing visual spectacle that left everyone in awe. Gradually transitioning into a high-energy routine, their synchronous movements and coordinated earned them the coveted golden buzzer.

With the ninth round of auditions culminating, the spotlight now shifts toward the impending live performances. The show's format remains faithful to tradition, airing exclusively on Tuesdays, with the initial weeks dedicated to auditions held across diverse locations.

The live shows are set to commence on Tuesday, August 22, followed by results shows on Wednesdays, amplifying the suspense and anticipation for both contestants and viewers. The show will then move to two nights a week, with the first results show airing on August 23, 2023.

The next episode of AGT season 18 is set to air on August 15, 2023.

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