Who is Ramon Sosa and why did he fake his own death? ID's American Monster to revisit thrilling conspiracy plot 

ID's American Monster is all set to explore the murder-conspiracy case of Ramon Sosa (Images Via Rotten Tomatoes/Google and therealramonsosa/Instagram)
ID's American Monster is all set to explore the murder-conspiracy case of Ramon Sosa (Images Via Rotten Tomatoes/Google and therealramonsosa/Instagram)

ID's American Monster, a trending true-crime show, is all set to revisit the jaw-dropping murder conspiracy story of Ramon Sosa. Ramon posed as a dead man to put Lulu Sosa, his former wife and the conspirator of his murder, behind bars.

The fascinating and thrilling story will be depicted in the upcoming episode of American Monster. Titled Dance With Me, the episode will arrive exclusively on Investigation Discovery on Sunday, June 12, at 9/8c.

The true-crime show American Monster presents suspenseful true crime stories with unseen real-life footage of monstrous criminals hiding in plain sight.

Without further ado, let's find out all about Ramon Sosa and the shocking story of him faking his death ahead of the premiere of the upcoming American Monster episode.

Everything you need to know about Ramon Sosa before ID's upcoming American Monster episode

Who is Ramon Sosa and what happened to him?

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1967, Ramon Sosa became a professional boxer at the age of 17. His passion for boxing remained unmitigated even after he quit to complete his education in later years.

He settled down in Houston, Texas, after getting married to his first wife and they had three children. He eventually started a boxing-gym of his own in Texas to pass on his knowledge and teach the skills he had mastered. His marriage to his first wife unfortunately ended in 2000.

A few years later, Ramon fell in love with a Mexican woman named Maria DeLourdes, known as Lulu. The couple reportedly got married in 2009, and they were reportedly quite happy together. In 2010, they started another boxing-gym together. Lulu became one of the trainers and took over the entire financial department.

Things took a turn for the worse during their sixth year of marriage when the couple started facing some serious issues.

Reportedly, the procedure for their divorce began after Lulu hired a divorce lawyer in 2015. The duo continued to live on different floors of the same house even after their official separation. Soon after, however, Ramon's close friend Mundo revealed to him that Lulu was planning to hire a hitman to kill her husband. Mundo had overheard a discussion between Lulu and her daughter regarding the matter. To gain further insight into Lulu's plans, Mundo had tricked Lulu into revealing her intentions by telling her that he would arrange for the hitman himself to kill Ramon.

Ramon and Mundo consulted with the police, who failed to do anything at the time because there was no concrete evidence of the same.

What did Ramon Sosa do to put Lulu behind bars?

After realizing that the police would not be able to help them, Ramon and Mundo came up with a thrilling plan. They purchased two burner phones to get started on their act. Ramon took on the role of the hitman so Mundo could reveal his conversation with the 'hitman' to Lulu. Once they made her believe that the process of hiring the hitman to murder Ramon was indeed complete, Lulu gave Mundo money to purchase the gun. The friends then went to the police again to tell them about the development. Astounded by the duo's initiative, the police reportedly suggested that they continue the plan so a solid case could be made against Lulu.

An undercover agent acted as the hitman to deceive Lulu. She gave him the requisite money and jewelry for the task. The police then reportedly made Ramon pose as a dead man on a freshly-dug grave with a bullet wound in his head. Another meeting was set up a few days later which saw Lulu make another payment after confirming that Ramon was dead.

Lulu was charged and arrested soon after for solicitation for capital murder. She is currently serving 20 years of prison time.

Don't forget to catch the upcoming episode of American Monster on Sunday, June 12, at 9/8c, exclusively on Investigation Discovery.

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