Who is Randy Gonzalez's wife? All about the Enkyboys family in wake of popular TikTok dad's death 

Randy Gonzalez
Randy Gonzalez' family life explored in wake of his passing (Image via enkyboys/Instagram)

TikTok users are mourning the death of Randy Gonzalez, who was married to Kimberly Gonzalez and was the father half of the Enkyboys duo. Last year, Gonzalez announced that he was battling stage four colon cancer. He was 35 years old at the time of his passing.

A source close to the TikToker informed TMZ that Randy Gonzalez died on Wednesday morning while in hospice care. At the time of his diagnosis, he was told that he only had two to three years to live. He was advised that undergoing chemotherapy could extend his life by an additional five years.

Randy Gonzalez depended on his insurance to cover the treatment charges. However it was not accepted at the University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He then took to creating a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise money for his medical expenses.

At the time of writing this article, it had amassed over $250,000. Speaking about his colon cancer, he wrote in the description of the fundraiser:

“For all who may not know it runs in their family or for those who may have mutated it like myself! Thank you all for the love and support, without y’all we couldn’t be the Enkyboys. CANCER!”

Randy Gonzalez is survived by his wife and three children

The social media personality married Kimberly Gonzalez in 2018 after being in a long-term relationship with her. He credited his wife for supporting him during his strenuous treatments.

According to Newsweek, Randy revealed in an emotional TikTok video that it was his wife who encouraged him to get a colonoscopy.

Fans are familiar with the influencer being the father of Brice. He is also the father to two daughters, Aubree and Lauren Gonzalez. They appear in the Enkyboys TikTok videos from time to time.

The Enkyboys videos mostly comprise of Brice and Randy. However, Kimberly has made a few appearances as well. The account is best known for its adorable and funny family content filled with challenges, pranks, dancing, and lip-sync videos. They gained massive popularity after appearing on shows like Good Morning America. Since then, celebrities like Steve Harvey, Selma and Ava DuVernay have reacted to their videos as well.

They have amassed a massive following of over 15 million on TikTok.

Apart from being a budding father and internet personality, Randy Gonzalez was an actor as well. He played the lead role of Chance, on NBC’s Lopez V. Lopez.


Gonzalez revealed last year that his chemo was not yielding any results

In December, he revealed in his second-to-last video that the treatments were going well. However, the chemotherapy he was undergoing was “not working.” He went on to share that he still felt good because he had returned to Texas to be with his family.

He also admitted in the past that he was not filming as much as he would like to as he was feeling “sick all the time.” In other videos, he revealed that he wanted to stay “Strong for his family” and use his social media platform to raise awareness of colon cancer.

In November, he said in a video:

“Cancer sucks. It sucks the life out of you and makes you feel like you have nothing to live for but in reality, you do… You have to be strong to fight cancer and beat in. I want to be a testimony of this in another year or so when I’m still alive.”

As of 2022, Randy Gonzalez's net worth stood between one to two million dollars.

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