Who is the richest guest star on Celebrity IOU? Rumored net worth explored ahead of Season 4 premiere

Tiffany Haddish with Celebrity IOU host Drew Scott (Image via mrdrewscott/Instagram)
Tiffany Haddish with Celebrity IOU host Drew Scott (Image via mrdrewscott/Instagram)

HGTV’s star cast members, Jonathan and Drew Scott, return with yet another season of Celebrity IOU.

The renovation experts from Property Brothers will help Hollywood’s A-list stars with home renovations for their loved ones. Celebrities who will turn feature on the show with Jonathan and Drew include Lisa Kudrow, Ali Wong, Snoop Dogg, Howie Mandel, Halle Berry, John C. Reilly, Tiffany Haddish, and Anthony Anderson.

They will be the high-profile guest stars of Celebrity IOU season 4. The official synopsis of the show reads:

“Home renovation experts, brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, help Hollywood A-listers surprise their dear ones with splendid and heart-warming home renovations.”

Who is Celebrity IOU season 4’s wealthiest guest star?

Season 4 will include a total of eight episodes with eight celebrity guests. Take a look at their net worth, as per Celebrity Net Worth, mentioned in descending order.

1) Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is the richest guest star on Celebrity IOU season 4 with an estimated net worth of $150 million. He is a world renowned singer, rapper, actor, songwriter, TV producer, host, film producer, screenwriter, record producer and voice actor.

He is one of the wealthiest rappers to begin his career in 1990s and is still going strong in the industry. He was discovered by Dr. Dre and has released multiple songs and albums under the label Death Row Records. Apart from music, he has also coached a youth football league and a high school football team.

In 2012, he reportedly converted to Rastafarianism and wanted to be known as Snoop Lion. In 2015, he went back to his original title, Snoop Dogg. As per Celebrity Net Worth, his 2017 earning was $17 million, his lowest was in 2012 ($9 million) and his 2019 earning was $15 million. As of 2019, his net worth was $157 million.

2) Halle Berry

Halle Berry is the next wealthiest celebrity guest on Celebrity IOU. She is an actress, beauty queen and former model. Her reported net worth is $90 million, which she has earned over the years throughout her acting career.

The Academy Award winner is best known for her roles in Monster's Ball, Swordfish, Die Another Day and multiple X-Men movies. She made her acting debut in 1989 with ABC’s Living Dolls, and over the years, she has worked in great projects. She earned her first whopping remuneration in 1996 when she earned a million dollars for starring in Executive Decision.

Berry has appeared in four X-Men film franchise as Storm. From Golden Globes to Emmys and Oscars, she has won it all.

3) Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow is famously known as Phoebe Buffay from the iconic sitcom Friends. Her estimated net worth of $90 million is the same as Halle Berry’s, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Kudrow, along with her Friends co-stars, started off with $22,500 per episode and, by season 9 and 10, each earned $1 million per episode. This reportedly made Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox the highest paid actresses at the time.

According to the CNW site, the total salary of all seasons of Kudrow and other cast members rounded up to $90 million, excluding royalties and bonuses.

Apart from the top three richest celebrities, the remaining stars to appear on Celebrity IOU include Howie Mandel with a net worth of $60 million, John C. Reilly with $50 million, Anthony Anderson with $25 million, Tiffany Haddish with $6 million and Ali Wong with a net worth of $3 million.

Twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott will be leading the renovation series. It will consist of eight episodes, with the first episode featuring Tiffany Haddish, followed by Howie Mandel.

Celebrity IOU is all set to premiere Monday, April 18 at 9.00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on HGTV. The show will also be available on Discovery+.

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