Who is Russell J. Holmes from Renovation Impossible? Meet the host of HGTV’s new show

Russel J. Holmes to host Renovation Impossible
Russel J. Holmes to host Renovation Impossible (Image via Instagram/@russelljholmes)

Renovation Impossible host Russell J. Holmes is set to transform the impossible into the possible. In his new HGTV show, the host will take on unfinished projects that were halted due to the owners' expectations and design visions.

The show will put Holmes in situations where he must stick to a tight budget and deliver “gorgeous results" every time. Luckily, he is not alone in this journey. To help him with the design aspect of each house is designer Paige Poupart. Speaking about Renovation Impossible, Holmes said:

"It's not always easy with strict budgets and clients who don’t always see eye-to-eye on renovation decisions. This is where I step in."

The show is set to premiere on Thursday, September 8, on HGTV and the synopsis of the show reads:

"GARAGE REHAB' STAR RUSSELL J. HOLMES REIGNITES STALLED RENOS BACK ON TRACK IN NEW HGTV SERIES 'RENOVATION IMPOSSIBLE'. New York [August 11, 2022] Dallas-based contractor Russell J. Holmes will help clients on tight budgets rev up their stalled home renos in the new HGTV series Renovation Impossible, premiering Thursday, Sept. 8, at 9 p.m. ET/PT."

Ahead of the series premiere, read on to find out more about the host of HGTV's brand new show.

Meet the host and contractor of the new HGTV show Renovation Impossible

Car and construction enthusiast Russell J. Holmes is ready to take on impossible, half-done projects as part of his new show. Holmes will provide a renovation plan after taking into account what the owners have in mind and helping them achieve a stunning outcome. The contractor will help homeowners fall in love with their homes while working on a small, tight budget.

Holmes is famous for Garage Rehab and has over 20 years of experience when it comes to dealing with houses. He was also a part of the Gas Monkey Garage team as Richard Rawlings’ fixer.

The 49-year-old Renovation Impossible host is from New York and has three siblings. He was previously married to Regina T. Holmes, and the couple have two children together.

The contractor is active on social media and has a follower count of 122K on Instagram. He often posts about his work, TV shows, and his family and friends.

Shortly after HGTV announced the new show, many had questions about Gas Monkey Garage and his relationship with Richard Rawlings. He posted a video on the platform to clear the air. Holmes said that he had been getting a lot of questions and a frequently asked one was about his relationship with Richard. The Renovation Impossible host called him his mentor and said that he taught him the ropes of the trade. In the video, Holmes said:

"Nothing, Richard and I are great. You know, he wanted to work on his own kind of content and do it his way and he’s got an amazing Youtube channel if you haven’t seen it."

Speaking on the upcoming HGTV show, Holmes said that being able to give people the home they want is really incredible. He also said:

"We open their eyes to what they can really do with their money. Now they can move forward and make new memories with their families."

In a sneak peek of episode one, Holmes met with Jessica and Joseph, who own a mid-century house that needs some extra love and care. There seems to be a lot of tension as the two have conflicting opinions on the renovation.

Renovation Impossible is set to premiere on Thursday, September 8, on HGTV and is produced by Pilgrim Media Group.

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