Who are Shreya Lenka and Gabi? All about the K-pop girl group BLACKSWAN's two new members

A still of the two new K-pop artists (Image via @drenter_official/Instagram)
A still of the two new K-pop artists (Image via @drenter_official/Instagram)

BLACKSWAN was originally a five-member group under DR Music until group member Hyeme departed in November 2020. Soon, DR Music announced that it would be conducting global auditions to fill the spot. The group currently consists of the following members: Youngheun, Fatou, Judy, Leia, Gabi (Gabriela Dalcin), and Sriya (Shreya Lenka).

As previously reported by international media outlets, out of the 4,000+ girls who auditioned for a spot in the K-pop girl group, Shreya Lenka from India and Gabi from Brazil successfully passed the auditions and have been chosen as the top 2. The label stated:

"Sriya and Gabi were finally selected as members of blackswan after participating the global audition program for last 6 months. With their debut, we will be back with the new BLACKSWAN."

BLACKSWAN has in the past seen many changes, from group members departing to revamping the group name. The K-pop girl group was formerly known as Raina and switched to BP Raina. After a successful career, the group name was changed to B.P, which was later revamped to BLACKSWAN.

Meet Shreya and Gabi: BLACKSWAN's two newest members

Shreya Lenka

On May 27, 2022, various media outlets reported an update regarding DR Music’s K-pop girl group BLACKSWAN. After conducting successful auditions to fill the spot for former group member Hyeme, the agency picked two contestants instead of one - Shreya and Gabi (Gabriela).

First up is Shrey Lenka, an 18-year-old Indian K-pop enthusiast and artist who hails from the state of Odisha and has been training under DR Music in South Korea. Known for smooth moves and astonishing vocals, Shreya accomplished a feat that many K-pop fans dream about.

Born into a family of yoga constructors, Shreya has been inclined towards the performing arts since she was a child. The young K-pop enthusiast began learning the traditional dance form of Odissi but had to give it up due to personal reasons.

She is also known to have enrolled for training under the guidance of a famous Indian dancer, Boogie Woogie HipHop 2009's winner, Madan Mohan Purty, who nurtured and guided her in honing her skills.


Her thirst to make it big made her participate in at least 30 national and regional-level dance competitions. Shreya has also gone on to self-learn hip-hop and freestyle dance forms. She came across DR Music’s auditions via social media and decided to give it a go, not realizing that she would later make history.

Gabriela Dalcin

Gabi, short for Gabriela Strassburger Dalcin, is a 19-year-old Brazilian who was recently selected as one of the members of the K-pop girl group. DR Music is yet to release more information regarding the new K-pop idol.

In the meantime, the group has already garnered a lot of attention and interest due to group member Fatou, who is the only active black K-pop idol in the industry. Netizens have commended the label for introducing diversity and equality into the industry, and they look forward to new music with the latest additions.

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