Who is singer Ben Waites? AGT contestant’s performance leaves Sofia Vergara teary-eyed

AGT contestant Ben Waites' audition moves Sofia Vergara to tears (Image via bjwaites/Instagram)
AGT contestant Ben Waites' audition moves Sofia Vergara to tears (Image via bjwaites/Instagram)

Ben Waites will be auditioning in the upcoming episode of NBC's America's Got Talent (AGT) on Tuesday, July 12, 2022 at 8.00 PM ET. He, along with other contestants, will put forth their best performances to impress the judges and the live audience to progress ahead and potentially win the competition.

In an early release preview clip by NBC, the AGT contestant is seen performing his original song called "True Colors," which made judge Sofia Vergara tear up and give a standing ovation along with the other two judges, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum.

In his early singing career, he discovered Chromesthesia, a type of synthesia in which sounds involuntarily evoke an experience of color, shape or movement. Along with his singing, Ben is also a voice coach and has dedicated his performance to his students.

AGT contestant Ben Waites was born with a medical condition


Ben Waites is all set to impress the AGT judges and audience with his performance. He is potentially moving to the next round, considering he was given a standing ovation from the judges.

The road to the competition was not an easy one, as the singer had to encounter personal struggles and come out strong whilst still battling them. However, he has emerged victorious through his struggles with the help of his music.

Ben was born in 1989 with a medical condition called Arthrogryposis. This condition affects the joints, most often the arms and legs. However, Ben never felt deterred as he continued to lift his and others' spirits through his songs.

The AGT contestant was raised by his grandparents who instilled a robust set of Christian values in him. He was brought up with a strong sense of belief in God that has helped him push through difficult times in life. At a young age, Ben was inspired by his grandfather, who was a popular singer and founder of the Gospel Tones Quartet.

Although he was practically tone-deaf in the beginning, he soon discovered a "mental vision" where he could associate his songs with different colors. He matched the colors he saw in his mind to the pitch. On his website, he explained how he discovered his special ability:

"It baffled me at first because in my head were all these different colors. When I sing.... there is a deep red, and some green. Through it, I can match the pitch and read the style of the song. It’s almost like a connection through that. That was really what helped me with music. I couldn’t read music or understand the technique; all I had was color.”

Ben graduated from Louisiana College in December 2010, with an interdisciplinary course in music, communications and theater arts. During his college years, he received several scholarships and was given the opportunity to sing at his own graduation. His grandfather passed away the same year, but the AGT contestant aims to continue his legacy.

Some of his singles include: My Wonderful Lord, He Giveth More Grace, All That Thrills My Soul Is Jesus, and the most recent one is called Real as I Believe. Ben has also held several concerts in churches across the country. Viewers can find the schedule on his official website, which is mentioned on his Instagram account.

America's Got Talent (AGT) was renewed for Season 17, owing to the success of its previous installments. Many of the competition's contestants have gone on to become household names with worldwide recognition. The current batch of participants have held the former winners as inspiration for their performances this year.

Tune in to AGT on Tuesday, July 12 on NBC to watch Ben's full audition.

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