Who is Sophie Flay’s mother? Parents' relationship explored ahead of Bobby and Sophie on the Coast Season 1 premiere

Bobby and Sophie on the Coast to premiere on August 22 (Image via Instagram/@abc7sophie)
Bobby and Sophie on the Coast to premiere on August 22 (Image via Instagram/@abc7sophie)

Bobby and Sophie on the Coast Season 1, is set to air on August 22, at 9 pm ET. The show follows the culinary adventures of the father-daughter duo as they embark on a journey to discover the great eating joints of Los Angeles. This isn’t their first rodeo as the two previously appeared on The Flay List and went around New York doing the same.

The pair share a great relationship, as is evident by the jokes and fun moments they share on screen. This is bound to make viewers wonder about Sophie’s mother and Bobby’s ex-wife, Kate Connelly, who met each other on the Food Network in 1994.

Connelly was co-hosting the Robin Leach Talking Food when the Bobby and Sophie on the Coast star appeared as a guest on her show. The two also worked as chefs at different restaurants in New York at the time.

Bobby and Sophie on the Coast: Who is Kate Connelly?

Kate Connelly is a television host and actress who met Bobby Fray in 1994 while working on the Food Network. While they were married soon after in October 1995, they were legally separated and divorced by the end of 1998.

While Sophie is the only child the two of them have together, Kate was a single mother when she and Bobby got together. Motherhood was one of the qualities that attracted the Bobby and Sophie on the Coast star to Connelly. Sophie takes after her mother in more than one way, and while her love for food is largely attributed to her father, her career path is quite similar to her mother's.

Kate Connelly graduated with a degree in journalism from Massachusetts College. Prior to having a full-time career as a journalist and chef, she was a professional model but later decided to follow her two passions. Much like Sophie, Kate got her taste of the culinary arts as a child in her mother’s kitchen. She spent years improving her skills and went on to become a co-host of the Food Network show in early 1990s.

Her daughter, Sophie Flay, also has a degree in journalism and has worked for various organizations such as the Walt Disney Company and NBC News. She also got a lot of culinary exposure growing up as she frequently appeared on Bobby Flay’s shows.

What to expect from the father-daughter duo on screen

The father-daughter duo will visit multiple eating establishments all over Sophie’s hometown as part of their mission to enjoy the unique cuisine that the city has to offer. Viewers will also see the chef in action as the pair pick up fresh produce and locally sourced ingredients to whip up interesting meals and dishes.

In a conversation with WGN News, Sophie commented on the relationship she shared with her father:

"He does a lot of cooking and I do a lot of the eating, that’s really how our relationship goes.”

The format of Bobby and Sophie on the Coast is quite similar to their previous show, the only difference is that this time around, the two go around Sophie’s hometown as opposed to her father’s as they have previously done.

Bobby and Sophie on the Coast will air on August 22, at 9 pm ET on the Food Network, and viewers can also keep up with the duo's journey on Discovery+.

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