Who are the Sturniolo Triplets? Netizens rally for YouTube to return their channel 

Fans shocked to see the Sturniolo Triplets' YouTube account disappear (Image via sturniolo.triplets/Instagram)
Fans shocked to see the Sturniolo Triplets' YouTube account disappear (Image via sturniolo.triplets/Instagram)

Fans of the Sturniolo Triplets were left saddened to see their channel disappear from YouTube. The internet figures announced that they were working with the video sharing platform to retrieve their channel. Their devoted supporters have now taken to Twitter, pleading with the Google-owned platform to return their channel.

Nicolas, Christopher and Matthew took to their official Instagram page addressing fans’ concern over their YouTube channel going missing. They uploaded three Instagram stories speaking about the same. The first one read:

“Hi guys we’re having trouble with YouTube right now but we’re looking for a solution. Stay tuned.”

In a follow-up Instagram story, they told their followers to remain calm and stated that the issue may be resolved by the next morning. It read:

“Hi guys, please don’t panic and don’t get mad at YouTube. This will hopefully be resolved by the morning. This is nobody’s fault and it will be fixed. Please breathe.”

They also told their followers that they are a “bit stressed” from the issue as well. Fans of the YouTuber trio will have to wait to for any new videos until their channel is retrieved.


Netizens spam YouTube to return the Sturniolo Triplet’s channel

Fans of the trio were distressed to see their channel abruptly disappear. Many expressed shock and sadness on Twitter. They also tagged the video sharing platform on Twitter, pleading for the influencers’ channel to be returned. A few tweets read:

whoever banned the sturniolo triplets YouTube is a menace to the world
@YouTube give the sturniolo triplets their channel back i beg it’s wednesday meaning vlog day 🧍‍♀️
the sturniolo triplets getting banned on youtube was my 13th reason
Bro why’d the sturniolo triplets just get banned on YouTube?😭
whoever got the sturniolo triplets banned on youtube. just know u ruined my day.
can youtube give sturniolo triplets their yt channel back please. they're my home i just miss it already please youtube
sturniolo triplets youtube is currently gone and i’m losing my will to live

Who are the Sturniolo Triplets?

The Sturniolo Triplets attained massive fame online after gaining a huge following on TikTok. On the road to internet fame, they started their own YouTube channel which now features vlogs, challenges and Q&A videos.

Christopher Sturniolo was the first among the Sturniolo Triplets to gain popularity online. Netizens loved his lip-syncing and comedy content on TikTok. Since his debut on the popular app in April 2020, he has amassed over two million followers on the platform. He initially started posting videos under the username ‘fake.chriss’ but later changed it to ‘christophersturniolo.’

When it comes to growing the trio’s brand online, Christopher is known for engaging with their audience. Fans adore his outgoing personality blended with chaos and spontaneity. He is well liked for responding to followers' messages on social media platforms.

His connection with fans has played a big role in their growing success.

Nicolas Sturniolo is another member of the triplets. He has an impressive following of over 1.2 million and over 32 million likes on TikTok. Nicolas created his own original series on TikTok titled “Nick Tries Things!”

The influencer is known for being the brain behind the entertaining content. It has also been said that Nicolas is responsible for editing several of their videos. He has used different editing variations in their videos in hopes of enhancing the quality of their videos. Based on their growing fame, it is safe to say that he has mastered his editing skills.

Matthew Sturniolo is the third brother among the Sturniolo Triplets. He has created a fanbase of his own similar to his other brothers. Although Matthew is more reserved than his other brothers, followers of the group admire his genuine personality.

The triplets' YouTube channel gained around 1.96 million subscribers before it disappeared.

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