Who are The Rybka Twins? AGT season 18 duo are viral TikTok sensations

The Rybka Twins set to compete in AGT season 18
The Rybka Twins set to compete in AGT season 18 (Image via Instagram/@rybkatwinsofficial)

America’s Got Talent (AGT) is set to return with another season soon. The upcoming season will feature new contestants as they take center stage in order to impress the panel of judges with their unique talent and skills.

One of the contestants set to appear in season 18 is The Rybka Twins, TikTok sensations that previously appeared on Australia’s Got Talent in 2013. The contortionists and twin sisters Teagan and Sam are originally from Perth, Australia.

Tune in on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, at 8 pm ET to watch the season premiere of AGT season 18 on NBC.

The Rybka Twins have 14.1 million followers on TikTok

One of the acts set to appear in the upcoming season of AGT is The Rybka Twins. The acrobatic sisters and YouTubers published Twinning It! in 2020, where they detailed their journey as twin sisters and acrobats.

The book revealed that they share everything and used to share a bedroom until they were nearly 21 years old. They added in the book that they each got their own space when their older brother moved out. They termed the change "exciting" but also weird.

They further revealed that while they were pursuing their bachelor’s degree in education, they had to spend time apart, which caused the dancers' separation anxiety.

In the book, the AGT season 18 contestants revealed that their careers almost came to an untimely end when they were just 15 years old. Teagan wrote that the two had been "mucking around" doing acrobats and trying one trick over and over again, which was a somersault with no hands.

She added:

"While we were doing this trick, I started noticing a pain in my leg."

The AGT contestant went to the doctor when the discomfort persisted for almost two weeks and was informed that she had a lesion in her leg. They would have to "break down and heal" in order to mend it, which entailed no dancing.

However, Teagan wasn’t ready to give up and decided to consult a sports injury specialist, who came up with a plan to help the lesion heal by itself without the sister having to give up dancing.

The AGT season 18 contestants further spoke to news.com.au about the injury and stated that after the consultation, she got an x-ray done, which revealed that the lesion had doubled in size and that she had an aneurysmal bone cyst for which she had to get the surgery done. The dancer was on crutches for two months and had to wear a moon boot for the next three.

She added:

"This was a scary time in my life. I got upset and frustrated, but I also worked hard to catch up and be an even better dancer than I was before. It taught me not to give up, even when things seem impossible."

The dancers went on to compete in Australia’s Got Talent, where they reached the semi-finals.

Tune in on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, at 8 pm ET to watch the season premiere of America’s Got Talent season 18 on NBC.

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