Who won Jeopardy! tonight? June 9, 2022, Thursday

Mayim Bialik hosted the June 9, 2022, episode (Image via jeopardy/ Instagram)
Mayim Bialik hosted the June 9, 2022, episode (Image via jeopardy/ Instagram)
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Jeopardy! aired a new episode on Thursday, June 9, 2022, featuring host Mayim Bialik, three-day champion Eric Ahasic and two newcomers.

The game show is one of the longest-running competition series, with its first version being released in 1964. In recent years, the two contestants who impressed fans with their winning streaks were Mattea Roach (23 wins) and Ryan Long (16 wins).

After ending Ryan Long’s 16-day streak, Eric Ahasic is now the new potential champion with a high number of wins. His three-day total summed up to $75,601.

In the latest episode, he competed against Allison MacDonald, a lawyer from Randolph, New Jersey, and Sean McGrath, a middle school teacher from Washington, D.C.

Jeopardy! Winner Today - Eric Ahasic

Back-to-back runaway games? Very impressive, Eric.

The new contestant who boasts a winning streak on the show is Eric Ahasic, who recently scored a fourth-day victory. In the June 9 episode, the meteorologist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, dominated the game from the start.

The first round’s categories were: Ancient History, Abbreviated TV, One-Letter First Name Change, Book It!, Pump-Pourri, Silent W Words.

In this round, Eric picked 18 correct responses, including the True Daily Double in Ancient History category. While he banked $8,400 in Round 1, Sean McGrath and Allison MacDonald were left a little behind with $3,800 and $3,200, respectively.

The second round’s categories were: Presenting Jeopcoin!, Classical Music, Country of the Waterfall, That’s Not a President, Drink Up Pop Culture, Words of Comfort.

Eric won big in the Double Jeopardy round, banking $24,200 ($32,600 in total). Sean and Allison also played well but couldn’t match up with the champion’s game. Sean earned $5,800, and Allison $10,400 till Round 2.

Eric interestingly lost the Final Jeopardy round, which was won by Sean and Allison. Eric wagered $2,400, which means his final total for the June 9 episode was $30,200. Meanwhile, Allison wagered $2,000 (total is $12,400), and Sean $5,799 (total is $11,599).

However, the overall result means that Eric Ahasic emerged as the winner once again.

Eric Ahasic: Tonight’s Final Jeopardy! winner (Image via Jeopardy)
Eric Ahasic: Tonight’s Final Jeopardy! winner (Image via Jeopardy)

Final Jeopardy! Results Today

Strap in and get ready for the ride, Eric! #overheardonset

In the final round of the June 9 episode, the category was “Children’s Literature.” The clue was:

“First published in French in 1943, this book has been called the most translated non-religious work, rendered into more than 300 languages.”

The correct response was “Le Petit Prince.”

In 1943, a short novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry titled, The Little Prince or Le Petit Prince, was originally published in French and English. It was later translated into over 300 languages.

Eric’s response was Goodnight Moon, which was originally published in 1947 in English. The result of the final round for the June 9 episode is as follows:

Sean McGrath: $5,800 + $5,799 = $11,599 (What is The Little Prince?)

Allison MacDonald: $10,400 + $2,000 = $12,400 (What is the Little Prince?)

Eric Ahasic: $32,600 – $2,400 = $30,200 (What is Goodnight Moon?)

Eric achieved a milestone tonight by surpassing the $100,000 bar. His four-day total now comes to $105,801. It seems like his confidence is building up with every episode.

Before his first game, Eric Ahasic admitted to being extremely nervous as he was competing against Ryan Long. Addressing his first game experience, he said in an interview:

"It was honestly, I think, one of the most nervous I’ve ever been. The whole morning leading up to it and then getting to the studio and hearing that you’re gonna go up against a 16-game champion, Ryan Long, who’s won almost $300,000, definitely didn’t help the nerves.
"But everyone on staff there is so great at just calming everybody down in what is obviously a very high-stress situation for all the contests there."

Only time will tell whether Eric will be able to maintain his winning streak and break Long’s record. The next episode will air on Friday, June 10, 2022.

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