Who is XEED? Meet the four-member K-pop boy group with the oldest debuting idols

XEED, the oldest debuting K-pop boy group (Image via Instagram/@xeed_official)
XEED, the oldest debuting K-pop boy group (Image via Instagram/@xeed_official)

XEED is a four-member K-pop boy group that debuted on December 1, 2022, under Nature Space Entertainment, and the ages of the idols have caught fans' attention. DOHA, BAO, JAEMIN, and RONI make up the team, and the youngest member, Shin Jae-min, is a 27-year-old while the eldest member, Park Do-Ha, is a 30-year-old.

Their mini-album release, Dream Land, for their debut was crowdfunded on Rising Star, which attracted many fans. The K-pop fandom loved the title track of the album, which is the same as the album's name, and they couldn't help but fall for the charisma of the members in the music video.

XEED, a four-member K-pop boy group, breaks the K-pop debut stereotypes

The group's name, XEED, refers to the seed of hope and comfort that the group aims to plant in the hearts of people. Following the release of the song, Dream Land, a group that was otherwise hidden from fans, rose to popularity, becoming the talk of Twitter.

People have been swarming the internet to learn more about these idols and it doesn't look like they are fresh faces in the K-pop industry. Most members have had prior experience as backup dancers and trainees in the field and have now finally evolved into a K-pop group with the oldest debuting members.

DOHA (Park Do-ha) - Leader & Vocalist

DOHA is the leader of XEED and also the eldest member of the group and his fandom is named ddallaemi (daughters). He was born on March 27, 1992, making him an Aries.

DOHA's birth name was Park Hyo-jun but he later legally changed it to Park Do-ha, which translates to the Mud Lotus Flower. The name is a metaphor for him to grow even during tough times. The idol used to be a trainee under SM Entertainment until he landed his place in XEED.

RONI (Jeong Ro-ni) - Vocalist

Jeong Ro-ni, who's otherwise known as Hoyong, plays the role of a vocalist in XEED. The member was previously part of the predebut group, Off The Cut. He was born on July 31, 1994, making him a Leo.

Prior to the group's debut, the idol released a solo song named You Are on March 29, 2021. Fans of RONI call themselves lovely/rovely, since the 'l' and 'r' sounds go hand-in-hand in Korean.

BAO (Bae Bao) - Main Rapper & Visual

Bae Bao or Bae Seung-yeob is the main rapper of XEED, born on December 5, 1996, a Taurus. The idol was a trainee at Nega Networks and had a roller coaster ride with his debuts.

He was initially supposed to debut in LC9 but the group disbanded before it could debut, and then debuted in LUCENTE. However, the group also unfortunately disbanded in April 2021. He also featured in Kimmiso's Drop before finally landing as the main rapper on XEED.

JAEMIN (Shin Jae-min) - Main Dancer, Vocalist, & Rapper

The last member is the maknae, Shin Jae-min, born on June 8, 1996, making him a Gemini. JAEMIN has quite a handful of experience in the K-pop industry prior to his debut. He participated in Boys24, a survival show shelf by CJ E&M, and came up till the semi-finals of the show. The idol was also a part of the backup dancers for BTS and TXT, along with Stray Kids during Kingdom.

After the news of the oldest debuting members hit the net, fans rejoiced at the bending of stereotypes. They were glad to see adults finally achieving their dreams regardless of their age. Many have found this age more fitting for debut and are looking forward to watching a group roll out their careers.

I'm about to stan xeed because FINALLY debuting actual grown-ups!!!! and I love their debut honestly, I want them to do sooo well!
XEED is literally the dream group no pun intended, older members, no skip debut album, and humble people who appreciate the little things, we stan these kings and maybe you should too 🫶🥱
@weepingghosts Yesssss! Honestly I'm glad to see a kpop group debut with older members. Companies have been so stuck on debuting 12 year olds, which I personally think is far too young to debut. So good for them for finally getting the chance to debut! 👏🏻
Nah XEED’s age range is literally perfect youngest member is 27 that’s exactly how it should be
To everyone saying “ewww” to XEED due to their ages… have you actually had a look at them…??If this is “ew” then I don’t know what this world is coming toㅋㅋAlso actually check their MV Dream Land out! You might notice they have some talent by chance! Judge by talent, not age!…
@Koreaboo everyone saying ew and that they're old, they're literally not. you're just so used to seeing literal CHILDREN debut. anyways- stan Xeed! stream dream land <3

XEED's first mini-album, Dream Land dominated Tik Tok

Their debut mini-album, Dream Land, was released on December 1, 2022, comprising five songs in total. The songs are Mirage, Stargazing, A boy from future, Just like now, and the title track, Dream land. The entire album, especially the title song, received a lot of love from the listeners and the choreography further cemented their obsession.

The song has been trending on Tik Tok and fans catch up to their idols by participating in the #DreamLandChallenge, which only reels in more fans. The fandom seems not only pleased by the stereotype-breaking boy group but also extremely impressed by what they've served in a mini-album, making their future comebacks much more exciting.

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