Why are Below Deck Mediterranean fans criticizing chef Dave White and calling him “disgusting” in Episode 5?

Chef Dave White from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 (Image via dangerous_davewhite/Instagram)
Chef Dave White from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 (Image via dangerous_davewhite/Instagram)

Episode 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 aired on Monday on Bravo and had chef Dave White and chief stew Natasha “Tasha” Webb’s relationship take an ugly turn.

Prior to Captain Sandy Yawn’s HOME, the two worked together on a different yacht. Natasha and Dave began hooking up while working there, but the chief stew wanted to keep it a secret at their new job. Apparently, she was still in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend when the two slept together two months ago.

In the upcoming episode, Dave was seen losing his mind after Natasha started ignoring him. She avoided his text messages and even clarified that they were not in a relationship. Her behavior didn’t go down well with the chef, who sent a few inappropriate drunk messages to Natasha.

Viewers, who were initially supporting Dave and calling out Natasha for gaslighting him, were now slamming him on Twitter for his mean texts.

With that said, DAVE you cannot send texts like that. It’s very toxic and no matter how she gaslight her, you can’t threat her. #belowdeckmed

Here’s what fans have to say about Dave

The crew members of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 went for a night out, and Dave was seen trying to talk to Natasha. However, Natasha wanted to avoid him for the most part. He kept dropping hints throughout the evening about their secret, and this frustrated the chief stew. She even mentioned in a confessional that the situation was suffocating her.

After Dave tried to confront Natasha, she left the restaurant alone and went to the yacht. Frustrated and drunk, Dave texted a few inappropriate messages to the chief stew since she had not responded to his previous texts. He called her a “sl*t” and threatened her for exposing their secret.

Dave's behavior was not appreciated by Below Deck Mediterranean fans as they called him "disgusting." Take a look at their reactions:

And here we go. Chef Dave. You are disgusting. Misogyny at its finest. #belowdeckmed
Drunk Dave hurtful texts#BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMediterranean
Dave is wrong for these texts but Natasha really did lead him on… #BelowDeckMed
Nooooo Dave don’t go there #belowdeckmed
So now Dave’s true colors are showing. #BelowDeckMediterranean #belowdeckmed #BelowDeck
No, Dave. No. This is horrifying. #BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMediterranean
Dave wtf you doing sending those awful texts to Natasha #belowdeckmed #BelowDeckMediterranean you can be fired
Dave drunk texting. It’s never good. #BelowDeckMed

Captain Sandy warned Dave in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7

Natasha was seen sleeping in a guest cabin after Dave’s mean messages. Third stew Kyle Viljoen stayed with the chief stew and also helped him calm down. He informed Captain Sandy about Dave crying in the bathroom the next morning.

Sandy calmed him down and talked to him and Natasha separately. The captain asked the chief stew if she felt threatened or uncomfortable in Dave’s presence, and Natasha responded by saying that she was ready to move on and be professional. Sandy then warned Dave, stating that she did not want any similar incidents taking place.

Natasha and Dave decided to switch their cabins and move on from all the drama to concentrate on their work. The preview for the upcoming episode of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 showed the chief stew texting her ex-boyfriend and telling him that she cheated on him with Dave a few months ago.

Apart from Dave and Natasha’s drama, Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 5 also featured Raygan Tyler’s exit. Captain Sandy fired her and made Storm Smith the Bosun for the time being. A new deckhand is set to arrive in the upcoming episode.

Storm is extremely happy with the promotion and with his personal life. He and second stew Natalya Scudder seem to have initiated a romantic relationship. Only time will tell whether the romance lasts or if things end badly for the couple.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 airs a new episode every Monday on Bravo at 8.00 pm ET.

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