Why is Dolly Parton never seen without fingerless gloves? Theories explored

Why is Dolly Parton always wearing gloves? Theories about her scars and tattoos explored. (Image via Instagram)
Why is Dolly Parton always wearing gloves? Theories about her scars and tattoos explored. (Image via Instagram)

If you know the American singer and songwriter Dolly Parton, you might have noticed that she is always seen sporting fingerless gloves. From being sheer to bedazzled to even plain and simple, most of us have witnessed Dolly Parton waiving at the crowd with her pair of gloves always on. Some have also noticed how she is always in long-sleeve shirts and tops.

The singer is also known to be a fashion icon, as her blonde hair, cowboy boots, and denim never fail to make her the best-dressed. However, many on the internet now wish to know about her deal with her fingerless gloves.

There are several theories floating around on the internet that suggest that the singer wears these gloves to cover up her tattoos.

Does Dolly Parton wear her fingerless gloves to cover up tattoos? Possible theories explored

While people often stick to a style statement accessory that soon becomes synonymous with their name, the reason why Dolly Parton always wears gloves is assumed to be her tattoo by many social media users and fans. In the past, the singer herself suggested how she had gotten tattoos to cover up scar tissues.

At the time. Parton said:

"Most of the tattoos, when I first started, I was covering up some scars that I had, because I have a tendency to have keloid scar tissue, and I have a tendency where, if I have any kind of scars anywhere, then they kind of have a purple tinge that I can never get rid of.”
Interesting that both of my idols - Dolly Parton and Paris Hilton - always wear fingerless gloves. What do they know that I don't?

Talking about her tattoos, she claimed that through her inks, she isn’t trying to make some “bold statements” but just trying to cover up her scars. Since the interview and revelation about the tattoos and her tissue scars, social media users assume that the gloves might also be a cover-up for the tattoos and the scars.

Others, like Dolly Parton superfan Duane Gordon, speculate that Dolly wears the gloves due to her corrective hand surgery. However, Gordon, too, is not sure about the actual reason, and this is only speculation. On the other hand, some fans think it is just one of her features that she might not be a fan of.

Ultimately, we all have some features of our bodies that we do not like. In fact, as per Dolly’s creative director, Steve Summers, the singer wears gloves only as a style quotient and because she doesn’t like her elbows. In an interview with InStyle, Steve said:

“They ask what’s wrong with her hands. She’s 73, and she doesn’t like them!”
hands are basically the one thing you can’t fix. i. e. it’s been basically 20+ years since dolly parton was in public without sleeves that turn into fingerless gloves…paris hilton is following suit…they are the true sign of age…

Dolly has been sporting these gloves for over 12 years now. Hence, it is almost impossible for interviewers to never ask her about the same in chat sessions. In fact, whenever Dolly Parton is asked about her gloves, she either says she is cold or changes the topic by commenting on how cute her gloves look.

@lauraahanson @KEBrightbill Dolly Parton wears fingerless gloves about the same color as her skin. Often w bling on them. I think it's probably bc that's one sign of aging that cosmetic procedures can't do anything about.

While there might be a lot of theories about Dolly and her gloves, it is undeniable that the singer is known for her style quotient and iconic persona.

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