Why is everyone hating on Vogue France? Hijab controversy explained as magazine praises Julia Fox's headscarf

Vogue France praised Julia Fox's headscarf on Instagram (Image via Vogue France/Instagram)
Vogue France praised Julia Fox's headscarf on Instagram (Image via Vogue France/Instagram)
Shatakshi Gupta

Vogue France is facing condemnation from social media users after the magazine praised Julia Fox's garb along with her headscarf.

The popular actress and filmmaker's image that the magazine shared was her arriving at the Paris Men's Fashion Week. She donned a leather trench coat from Balenciaga and added a black headscarf and sunglasses to her look.

Earlier, there have been various instances where Kanye West, Julia's alleged partner, wore a balaclava and covered his face.

Why does everyone hate Vogue France?

Not long ago, Vogue France shared a post on Instagram of Julia Fox donning a piece of fabric wrapped around her head, with a post captioned:

"Yes to the headscarf!"
Vogue France's edited caption angered internet users (Image via dietprada/Instagram)
Vogue France's edited caption angered internet users (Image via dietprada/Instagram)

The caption for the post now stands edited by the publication, where the headscarf wording is completely ejected. But Vogue France did not acknowledge the change.

Subsequently, the magazine is being called "Islamophobic" and further criticized for its Instagram post. Internet users are quoting the magazine to be "hypocritical."

French-Moroccan model and activist Hanan Houachmi opened up about the controversy to CNN and said:

"Yes to the headscarf โ€” those few words were so simple. Yet we've been begging and waiting and fantasizing about the day we will hear them, for us as hijabi women."

A critical Houachmi added that the hijab was reduced to just a simple accessory with Julia Fox, who is white and non-Muslim. She felt that the model could wear a headscarf as part of a "trend," whereas the hijab, in the activist's view, is perceived as the "uniform of terrorists" by the French government.

For all those who don't know, in 2011, France became the first country in Europe to ban all face-covering garments in public spaces, inclusive of balaclavas, masks, burqas, and niqabs. The country's move paved the way for other countries like Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark to take similar steps.

There is one more reason behind the reaction and anger that the magazine is currently facing. Recently, the French government moved a bill banning hijab from sports and every level of participation in any competition. Calling it a step towards "religious neutrality," the government and its supporters stood by the bill.

Some even cited the example of Kim Kardashian's Met Gala outfit, where she covered herself entirely with black from head to toe. Many said the reality star was "praised" for her innovative look but:

"Muslim women out there wearing burqas are constantly vilified and dehumanized."

Many users have called out the magazine for being insensitive to the French edition and supporting politicians' efforts to clamp down on hijabs, niqabs, and burqas.

Edited by Ravi Iyer


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