Why do fans think Courtney Veale is the new deckhand on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7?

Courtney Veale from Below Deck Mediterranean (Image via courtneyveale/Instagram)
Courtney Veale from Below Deck Mediterranean (Image via courtneyveale/Instagram)

The latest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 turned out to be pretty intense after Captain Sandy Yawn fired Bosun Raygan Tyler.

Raygan made her debut on the Bravo show in the latest season as the bosun, a title for the person who runs the deck. She was not a fan-favorites from the start because of her unprofessional behavior. Thus, Captain Sandy had to let her go.

Later, the captain promoted deckhand Storm Smith to the bosun position. As the team will require one more deckhand, Sandy announced in Episode 5 that a new member is set to join the crew. She specified that it would be a female and was someone who had earlier worked with her.

Several reports stated that the deckhand is Below Deck Mediterranean alum Courtney Veale. Many fans were confident she was the one joining the team as she was seen filming on the set.

SPOILER Below Deck crew were spotted filming with Courtney who is obviously here to join the deck team as Raygan is fired #belowdeckmed

In the leaked pictures, Courtney can be seen in a green attire, followed by Mzi Demper, Natalya Scudder, and Storm Smith.

What do fans have to say about Courtney Veale joining Below Deck Mediterranean?

Courtney has worked with Captain Sandy and Mzi Dempers in the previous season. Fans loved her bond with Mzi and are thus excited to see the two back together in another season.

While she worked as a stew in Season 6, she’ll have to work as a deckhand in the latest installment. Take a look at the fans welcoming Courtney on board, even before Bravo’s official announcement:

I’m so HAPPY Courtney is back #belowdeckmed
Courtney is back 💯🙌 #BelowDeckMed
It’s great to see Courtney again. #belowdeckmed
I think Courtney is coming on board as a deckie!! Yayyy Mzi and Court together again 😁 #belowdeckmed
But again I know Courtney was a stew but a lot of people can do deck and interior and I believe she was one of those people #belowdeckmed
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! COURTNEY!!! #BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMediterranean
I think the new deckhand in Courtney!!! I’m so excited I loved her and Z last season #belowdeckmed
COURTNEY’S BACK!!!! #belowdeckmed #BelowDeck #BelowDeckMediterranean
glad to have courtney, that ray of ☀️ back on #BelowDeckMed
Omgggg it's courtney #belowdeckmed

According to Bravo’s website, Courtney hails from North Wales. She started her deck/stew journey in Australia, working on many smaller boats. Her first yacht job was in the South of France.

Her Below Deck Mediterranean bio reads:

“After she finished school at a performing arts college, she began traveling and lived all over the world with countless jobs lined up on her resume, including a ski resort representative, bartender, paper delivery girl, nanny, and even a performer in Disneyland Paris.”

Why did Captain Sandy fire Raygan Tyler?

Captain Sandy Yawn was not impressed by Raygan Tyler’s work from day 1. Viewers saw her taking multiple breaks to smoke and eat when the crew needed her. She lacked the leadership quality to lead three deckhands and avoid chaos in front of charter guests.

The final nail in the coffin was when she gave the wrong distance measurement to Sandy when the captain was taking the yacht to the marina. Bosun’s wrong judgment led to Sandy hitting the yacht.

In Episode 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, Captain Sandy called Raygan to the bridge and asked her to leave politely. Sandy said:

“The first charter, I can see the lack of experience on deck, even down two people. Charter 2, now you got full team, but it was complete chaos on that half deck. I can’t tell you how to run a deck crew, in a busy charter boat, on a vessel this size.”

She continued:

“The final straw was the docking. There was a point when you called three meters and I had only less than a half meter. It can’t happen, Raygan, it’s dangerous. It is our job to be the team and manage. That was a big thing for me. I am letting you go.”

Sandy told her to work under the captains as she was recommended to get experience on a busy yacht. She also asked Raygan not to give up.

Meanwhile, if reports are to be believed, Courtney Veale will join the crew next week, just before the new charter guests arrive. Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 airs a new episode every Monday on Bravo at 8.00 PM ET.

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