Why do fans think Natasha Webb wanted to sabotage Chef Dave White’s dinner in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 8?

Natasha Webb and Chef Dave White from Below Deck Mediterranean
Natasha Webb and Chef Dave White from Below Deck Mediterranean (Image via natashawebb.official, dangerous_davewhite/Instagram)

The latest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 aired on Monday, August 29. This installment showed chief stew Natasha Webb organizing a wine pairing event for a group of new charter guests.

She decided to host the event without consulting with chef Dave White. For those unaware, combining food dishes with the correct variant of wine is called wine pairing. The perfect combination of the drink and the dish helps elevate one's dining experience. To carry out the process perfectly, Natasha should have talked to the chef beforehand about the food menu.

Viewers were upset after she messed up the arrangement. Fans claimed that she was deliberately trying to ruin Dave's food.

Did Natasha plan to sabotage Dave’s food? #belowdeckmed

Although Dave agreed to go with the flow, he was annoyed at Natasha for organizing the wine pairing without knowing the menu.

Below Deck Mediterranean fans slam Natasha for ruining Dave's food

In Episode 8 of the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7, just before dinner, Natasha told chef Dave that she intended to organize a wine pairing. Although he looked frustrated, he went along with the plan. However, Dave mumbled that he had already prepared street food dishes and that she should have told him earlier.

While serving dinner, things turned a bit chaotic when Dave had to reheat food because only one server was available, as Natasha was busy serving wine.

In one scene, Natasha assumed Dave would serve bao buns. Thus, she served wine according to the dish. When she found out that he was serving burgers first, Natasha was seen blaming Dave for the goof-up. Seeing her not owning up to her mistake, fans felt she was trying to sabotage Dave's food.

Take a look at fans' reactions:

Natasha: "It's not me." Yes, it is. She is trying to throw Dave under the bus for the second time in one episode. She really is trying to get him fired to appease the boyfriend. #BelowDeckMed
Is Natasha trying to sabotage Dave? #BelowDeckMed
Why did Natasha plan a wine pairing when the chef had told her his plans for dinner? The chef is in charge regarding dinner not the chief stew She’s too distracted #BelowDeckMed
Natasha’s wine pairing is so annoying!! Dave’s food is too awesome to get ruined!! 😳😂 #BelowDeckMed
Even Kyle knows a wine pairing was a stupid idea. Natasha didn't even check with Dave first. The chef should've told her not tonight #BelowDeckMed
I think Natasha is very strategically trying to make herself look good to the guest and make Dave look bad. The guests can’t see Dave reheating the food. They just see Natasha smiling and presenting the wines. #BelowDeckMed
It is you Natasha.. what a train wreck for dinner service #BelowDeckMed
If Natasha was paying ANY kind of attention to what she was serving she could have easily noticed it was a burger and not a boa bun. 🙄#BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMediterranean

Natasha's boyfriend wants her not to work with Dave

Natasha Webb and Dave White had worked together earlier on a different yacht. At the time, she was dating someone. When she found out her then-partner had cheated on her, Natasha admitted to confiding in Dave. The two later hooked up.

Dave and Natasha thought of giving their relationship a try on the yacht, Home. However, things became complicated between them, resulting in significant drama. As a result, Captain Sandy Yawn had to intervene to keep her yacht running.

Meanwhile, Dave was still not over Natasha in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 when she got back with her ex-boyfriend. In Episode 8, she was seen getting distracted while texting her boyfriend, who said he didn't like her working with Dave as they have a past. Only time will tell whether her ex's words will get into Natasha's head or if she will continue to act professionally around Dave.

Titled Wine Im-Pairing, Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 8's official synopsis read:

“Kyle gets friendly with someone on board, potentially putting his job on the line. During a deck dispute about the slide, Jason has some unkind words for Storm. Natasha tries to impress the guests with an elaborate wine pairing that nearly sinks the dinner service.”

Apart from the wine-pairing drama, deckhand Jason Gaskell cursed his bosun Storm Smith, and third stew Kyle Viljoen was seen breaking the rules by flirting with a guest.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 airs a new episode every Monday on Bravo at 8.00 PM ET. Viewers can watch the latest episode on the network's website or Peacock TV.

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