Why was Good Girls cancelled? Fans take to Twitter to slam NBC and Netflix 

Good Girls. Image via: NBC/Netflix
Good Girls. Image via: NBC/Netflix

NBC has canceled "Good Girls" after only four seasons. The show starred Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Retta as Ruby Hill, and Manny Montana as Rio.

"Good Girls" revolved around the three suburban women going through financial crises in their mundane lives, who then decided to delve into crime. In the first season, they decide to rob a grocery store, which throws them deep into the rabbit hole of crime.


The series, created by Jenna Bans, had the USP of being a dark comedy and being a female-centric, Breaking Bad-esque show, which is less gritty and dark than Walter White’s journey.

According to Variety, who first broke the news, the cancelation is due to financial reasons. NBC greenlit four seasons of the series after being co-funded by the streaming giant Netflix.

Netflix also owns global streaming rights for the show.

Why was "Good Girls" canceled by NBC and Netflix?

Good Girls. Image via: NBC/Netflix
Good Girls. Image via: NBC/Netflix

It had been reported that Season 2 had a budget of over $37 Million. Meanwhile, Season 3 topped over $43 Million+. The cancelation of "Good Girls" could also have a declining viewership of season 4 as a reason. According to Nielsen’s, the show had declined by an average of 20% since the early episodes of the fourth season.

However, Nielsen also reported that the show topped their Live+7 linear ratings with an estimated 3.4+ Million viewers. "Good Girls" also garnered over a billion minutes of viewing in the third week of February (from 15 to February 21). Despite that, the series will not be allowed to be picked up by any other network or streaming service.

Here’s how the fans reacted upon hearing the news of the hit crime-comedy show, "Good Girls," being cancelled.

News of the cancelation of "Good Girls" spawned several memes and tweets directed at both NBC as well as Netflix.

"Good Girls" lead Christina Hendricks shared her farewell note on Instagram by sharing a meme, saying:

“Well, we gave it our all. We really did,” Hendricks captioned her version of the meme on Instagram. “Thank you to our amazing fans through the years for all your passion and support.”

Meanwhile, her co-star, Mae Whitman, replied to the post by saying:

“Love you ladies more than anything on gods green.”

Back in May, Whitman also pleaded to her fans on Twitter to generate enough buzz to save the show from getting canceled.


The series has five episodes still left to be aired from the fourth and last season of the show. "Good Girls" will have its last episode and the series finale on July 24th. NBC will also have other hit shows like "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "This is Us," ending with their final, 8th and 6th seasons, respectively.