Why was Homelander smiling at the end of Gen V? Ending Explained

Homelander smiling at the end of Gen V (Image via Prime Video)
Homelander smiling at the end of Gen V (Image via Prime Video)

Gen V ended with the finale episode, The Guardians of Godolkin. The season saw characters and pieces shifting across The Boys Universe's chessboard, leading to a chaotic scene at the Godolkin U campus. Furthermore, the show was littered with corpses and teetering on the brink of a Supes vs Humans war.

Disclaimer: The article contains major spoilers from Gen V episode 8

Then, Homelander, played by special guest star Antony Starr, swooped in to rescue everyone in his 'chilling' demeanor. He quashed the conflict, leaving our real heroes—Marie, Emma, Andre, and Jordan behind bars. Meanwhile, Vought's PR juggernaut turned the new villains, Sam and a Scarlet Witch-like Cate, into public darlings.

The episode leaves viewers unsettled and yet thoroughly entertained. However, one sight that particularly caught viewers' attention was Homelander smiling at the end of the finale episode. After watching season 1, an apparent reason is that Homelander likely smiled because he recognized the situation as a win for his political goals.

With others taking the fall and Sammon Katers being named among the heroes, he saw a boost for his political campaign. Thus, his smile reflected his satisfaction, with the events advancing his political ambitions.

Gen V episode 8: What happened in the end?

The ending of Gen V leaves viewers entertained yet unsettled (Image via Prime Video)
The ending of Gen V leaves viewers entertained yet unsettled (Image via Prime Video)

Immediately after Gen V episode 7, Cate kills Dean Shetty. Following this, she unveils her plan for vengeance against Vought and the School to the Godolkin students, plotting with Sam to free the imprisoned Supes in The Woods. Consequently, chaos ensues at Godolkin University. Cate and Sam liberate the Supes from The Woods, swiftly taking control and launching attacks on everyone.

In response, The Guardians of Godolkin, comprising Marie Moreau, Andre Anderson, Emma Meyer, and Jordan Li, band together to confront them. Their struggle is not just physical but also ideological. Marie is driven by a desire to be the hero her sister would be proud of.


On the other hand, Cate's insurrection is designed to convince the Godolkin Supes that they are merely products to Vought, not individuals. In a dramatic turn, Marie amplifies her powers to an unprecedented level, converting the blood from nearby corpses into knives to halt an assault from one of The Woods' Supes.

However, when Cate attacks Jordan Li, Marie is forced to act decisively. So, she destroys her arm in a protective reflex, leaving behind a bloody scene. Finally, as the conflict peaks, Homelander makes a dramatic entrance.

Marie attempts to engage with him, but he contemptuously questions her morality. Furthermore, Homelnader vehemently demands others to stay away from him. Then, he unleashes his heat vision on Maries.

Gen V season finale: How does it set the stage for The Boys season 4?

A still from The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime Video)
A still from The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime Video)

The season 1 finale of Gen V intricately sets the stage for The Boys season 4 with handsome critical developments. A Supe virus, central to Gen V's plot, emerges as a highly sought-after weapon, with characters like Billy Butcher and Grace Mallory already on its trail. Cate's power surge positions her as a formidable force, potentially the most powerful Supe in The Boys universe.

The storyline teases a possible convergence with Billy Butcher's grim comic book fate, involving a genocidal tactic against Supes. Political undercurrents thicken as Sam and Cate may join Homelander's extremist movement, signaling a rise in Supe supremacy ideology.


The finale also opens the door for new recruits to join The Seven, with several characters from Gen V being prime candidates. Meanwhile, the Guardians of Godolkin, now imprisoned, could become unlikely allies for the Boys. Homelander's defiance against Vought indicates his unpredictable and dangerous trajectory in the upcoming season.

Furthermore, the absence of Dean Shetty clears the path for Tek-Knight's return. Lastly, Victoria Neuman's possession of the last Supe virus sample sets her up as a pivotal antagonist, with every character having a motive to confront her in season 4.

Final thoughts

In the gripping conclusion of Gen V, the stage is set for a tumultuous future. Homelander's chilling rescue at Godolkin U hints at his deeper political machinations, leaving viewers with a haunting smile that suggests a dark triumph. The real heroes languish in prison while the new villains bask in the limelight, manipulated by Vought's PR machine.

The finale not only unsettles but also primes us for an explosive continuation where allegiances are tested, power dynamics shift, and the war between Supes and Humans intensifies.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal