Why are RHOBH fans calling Lisa Rinna “embarrassing” in Season 12 Episode 14?

Lisa Rinna breaks down in RHOBH Season 12 Episode 14 (Image via lisarinna/Instagram)
Lisa Rinna breaks down in RHOBH Season 12 Episode 14 (Image via lisarinna/Instagram)

The latest episode of RHOBH Season 12 ended dramatically, with Lisa Rinna's anger turning to tears.

Dorit Kemsley hosted a charity event called "Homeless Not Toothless" at her house and invited all the ladies. In the previous episode, Lisa invited most housewives to her house for a wine tasting, but things went sideways when she told Sutton Stracke to leave.

In Episode 14, Kyle Richards wanted to know the truth about whether Lisa said,

"Get the f**k out of my house."

Despite Sutton's request not to start a fight at a charity event, Kyle asked Lisa about her exact choice of words. This led to Lisa again yelling at Sutton, leaving guests embarrassed and shocked.

Viewers were also not impressed with Lisa's behavior and called her "embarrassing."

Here's how RHOBH fans reacted to Lisa shouting at Sutton

Lisa was yelling at the top of her voice and asking Sutton why she didn't say sorry to Lisa's husband Harry at her house. She was not satisfied with how Sutton apologized for insulting her husband on Andy Cohen's talk show.

Lisa's behavior made fans cringe as they called her out on Twitter. Take a look at their reaction:

What did Sutton say about Lisa and her husband on a talk show?


RHOBH Season 12 showed Lisa and Sutton locking horns because of the Elton John gala. Apparently, Sutton paid to save two seats for Lisa and her husband Harry at the event a few years ago. She later claimed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that her co-star didn't even send a thank you note.

On the other hand, Lisa stated that Sutton didn't book their seats as Elton John invited them. The feud escalated when Lisa demanded an apology from Sutton for insulting her and her husband on national television.

Throughout the season, viewers saw Sutton apologizing for the same more than once. But Lisa did not seem to let go of the incident even after saying she forgave Sutton. In the new episode of RHOBH, she cried after the fight, citing that she was emotional, which turned into anger. As a justification for her outburst, she mentioned that she received her late mother's things on the day and was heartbroken.

RHOBH Season 12 Episode 14 recap

Episode 14 of RHOBH started with Dorit inviting all the ladies to her charity event. While the cause was thoughtful, Kyle and Erika Jayne made fun of the title.

Dorit and her husband, Paul Kemsley, organized a black and gold-themed event and surprised guests with a live performance by Grammy winner Melissa Ethridge.

The episode also showed Crystal Kung Minkoff feeling annoyed and pressured by RHOBH co-stars to seek professional help for her eating disorder. She was seen attending Dorit's party with her husband and some friends. During the fight between Lisa and Sutton, Crystal admitted feeling "mortified" and embarrassed as her friends kept asking her what was happening.

The official synopsis of Season 12 Episode 14, titled Shameless Not Ruthless, reads:

“Dorit throws a charity dinner to benefit the homeless, but there is little goodwill between Lisa and Sutton; when Lisa's anger turns to tears, her friends rally to her side in her time of need; Crystal opens up about her health issues.”

The latest episode ended with all the ladies coming together to console Lisa, who was mourning her mother's demise.

Meanwhile, viewers can watch the episode on Bravo's site. RHOBH Season 12 airs a new episode every Wednesday on Bravo at 8.00 PM ET.

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