Will there be The Good Doctor Season 6? Every detail we know so far

Freddie Highmore in The Good Doctor (Image via ABC)
Freddie Highmore in The Good Doctor (Image via ABC)
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With the fifth season of ABC's acclaimed medical drama, The Good Doctor, coming to an end this week, there are a lot of questions surrounding the series' return after it wraps up for the season. With a lot of popular shows getting canceled, especially the ones on the CW network, fans are worried about the Freddie Highmore show.

The good news is that fans of The Good Doctor have no reason to worry. The show has already been renewed for a sixth season, which will also be its longest season. Though there's not much detail available about the upcoming season, we have summed up all the information available about the upcoming season 6 ahead of the season 5 finale.

The Good Doctor season 6: A new showrunner in the house

How we feel getting ready for the finale 😪

The fifth season was meant to be 20 episodes long, but the creators decided that they would end the current season at 18 episodes, saving the two already-shot episodes for the next season.

The biggest known update for the next season is the promotion of Liz Friedman to a full-time co-showrunner. David Shore will continue his role but will now be aided by Friedman, who has been a long-time executive producer of the show.

Shore recently said in a statement:

"I have worked with, and shared my burdens with, and depended on Liz for years…Very much looking forward to enjoying all the great things she is going to do with the show."

Friedman also said in a statement:

"David has been a mentor, friend and defining influence on my career … And while our arc could satisfyingly end with me turning to the Dark Side and impaling him on my lightsaber, banding together over our shared love of good stories and The Good Doctor seemed less twisted and more rewarding."

This new development is going to mean a great deal for the show, and you can expect an even better season with the two brilliant showrunners working together.

Two new characters in The Good Doctor season 6

Along with the update on the behind-the-scenes situation, the upcoming season will feature two new members in the form of Brandon Larracuente and Savannah Welch.

Brandon Larracuente, known for his role in 13 Reasons Why will appear as a new intern named Daniel. His character is a charming young man with an interest in controversial alternate medications.

Savannah Welch will be playing Danica, a rebellious Annapolis graduate who is wise beyond her years.

The pair will appear as medical interns in the hospital, making their debut in the first episode of season six.

The finale of The Good Doctor will air on May 16, 2022.

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