"You are hysterical": RHONJ fans react as newcomer Danielle Cabral narrates a letter dedicated to her haters

Fans support RHONJ cast member Danielle for writing an open letter
Fans support RHONJ cast member Danielle for writing an open letter (Image via Instagram/@daniellecabralofficial)

RHONJ season 13 saw Danielle Cabral join the show as a new cast member and immediately made a name for herself. During the season, she was seen going up against OG cast member Margaret and others like Jennifer.

After the show, the new cast member took to social media to address her followers, especially some of her haters. She wrote an open letter addressing her following on Twitter and thanked them for watching. She named some of the people that sent hate her way, including Karen, Janet, and more, as she listed down instances from the show.

As expected, fans took to social media to address the letter and supported the new addition and said that she is amazing. They further wrote that her first season of RHONJ was "amazing" and that she is "hysterical." They added that they need more people like her on the show and that they loved seeing her “out and about” with Tre and Jen.

Fans react to RHONJ season 13 cast member Danielle Cabral’s open letter to her haters

The newest cast member of Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ), Danielle Cabral, recently took to social media after receiving a lot of hate after her first season on the Bravo show. While some celebrities don’t like paying heat to the negativity, Danielle chose a different path and went head-on with some of her haters.

In a video, she took names of her haters and stated their cities and added how she felt about them. Some of the names she took included Janet, Karen, Susie. She added that she thanks them for calling her out as a “dumb pawn girl” and stated that she seemed to be triggered. Danielle continued:

"I do wish they aired the scene where my friends held a gun to my head telling me what to say and what to do. D*mn, that would have made great TV."

The RHONJ cast member sarcastically continued that she wishes them all the best before adding that she was joking but she hopes that they choke on a d*ck.

Following this, fans reacted to the RHONJ newbie’s video and stated that they love her. They added that casting has been awful for the past three years and that she is an exception. Fans of the show stated that she is their favorite and that she comes from a very honest and natural palace. Moreover, they added that she is a “beautiful breath” of fresh air and they look forward to seeing her on the show.

RHONJ fans asserted that she was easily the best addition to the show in years and hoped that she wont let the haters get her down. They also wrote that they hope that in her future seasons, she won’t let herself get used by either side and stand up for herself. Lastly, fans agreed with her beliefs that she shared during the reunion special that she was set up by Teres and Jennifer when she wanted to tell Melissa about the rumor that had been going on.

Season 13 will return next week on Tuesday with part three of the reunion special on Bravo.

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