Mike Tyson talks about his business and how it's similar to his in-ring stints

Orlando Cruz v Orlando Salido [images courtesy of Getty]
Orlando Cruz v Orlando Salido [images courtesy of Getty]
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Mike Tyson recently posted a video to his Instagram, discussing his life now as a businessman selling cannibis. Tyson 2.0 is currently in 18 states and now across the northern border in Canada.

Tyson shared what his CEO told him:

"You gotta be the same guy in the ring in business."

His tune quickly changed when Tyson revealed that if he was going to be the same guy in business as he was in boxing, the harsh language would come with it.

Tyson's business launched in October 2021. Since then, business has been booming for 'The Baddest Man on the Planet'. His brand is growing rapidly throughout the United States and now in different countries as well.

Mike Tyson revealed to Bill Maher on his podcast Club Random that he never realized how much cannabis helped stabilize his mood. This is why he is so invested in his business and selling across the country and beyond.

He even joked that if someone asked his family if they liked him better with or without marijuana, they would say he was better with it.

See his Instagram post here:

Mike Tyson's new movies

Mike Tyson revealed when sitting down with Bill Maher that he had plans to make some appearances on the big screen, but did not drop any names. Now the legendary boxer has revealed he will be in the action film 'Vendetta'.

The film also stars Clive Standen, Theo Rossi, Thomas Jane, and Bruce Willis. The plot centers around avenging a murdered loved one, which starts a war between the main character and a gang.

Tyson has also joined the cast of 'Black Flies' alongside names like Sean Penn and Tye Sheridan. The thriller, based off of the book by Shannon Burke, follows New York paramedics and reveals how taxing the job is on their lives.

Tyson, since retiring, has been delving into new avenues of work, from cannabis production, to podcasting, and now acting. He is a man of many talents, and fans of his will surely be eager to see him on screen.

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